Spanish renter provides power during storm Filomena

By Belinda Smart16 February 2021

Atlas Copco gensets have been deployed by Spanish rental company Krill Generadores, to help power Spain’s communication system and grid during storm Filomena last month, which resulted in Spain’s biggest snowfall for half a century.

Atlas Copco gensets from Krill Generadores helped support Spain’s grid and communications through Storm Filomena.

Krill Generadores, based in Alicante, eastern Spain, provided four Atlas Copco portable QAS 5 generators during Filomena, one of which powered the VHF television signal in Soria, northern central Spain, taking on the booster’s load in case of emergency, to provide a television signal for more than 500 populated areas.

Before the storm hit Spain, Krill Generadores’ team also installed two generators to protect communication systems at two military bases. Additionally, they set up a fourth QAS 5 100kVA genset to service a small, populated area, close to the bases, where there was a risk of power outage.

Jesús Álvarez Cano, CEO, Krill Generadores, said while snow and ice made truck delivery to this location impossible, a local tractor was deployed, demonstrating the easy transportability of the QAS 5 genset.

“It is also very resistant to the harshest weather conditions and other external factors,” he said. He added that in parts of Spain where temperatures had reached minus 22 degrees, the machine was switched on and able to generate power within minutes.

“With the arrival of the snowstorm, we are covering remote installations that require reliability, efficiency, versatility, autonomy, and certain safety standards. I believe QAS 5 generators are the perfect match.”

Sergio Salvador, Product Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco Power and Flow, said, “Our QAS 5 range is the fifth and latest generation of QAS gensets and they are designed from the outset to meet end-users’ evolving needs for sustainable productivity, increased operational flexibility, and compliance with environmental and regulatory obligations. We are very pleased to work with Krill Generadores to ensure power at all times to its customers.”

Meanwhile Krill Generadores also recently installed Atlas Copco QAC 1000R large power generators at two major hospitals, in Alicante in eastern Spain and Barbastro in Aragon, north eastern Spain, to provide power during storm Filomena and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

“Our entire large power fleet is Atlas Copco, its machines are special, top-engineered products,” said Álvarez. “I have two fourteen-year-old machines that, after a little investment, are working upbeat again, just like the new ones. They have a long life-span.”

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