Special Report: Managing Rental now available

By Richard High25 March 2010

Much has changed in the construction equipment rental sector over the last 10 years, but good business advice is timeless.

And readers of KHL Group's new Special Report: Managing Rental will get some of the best advice, from some of the industry's top professionals, including Dan Kaplan, Jeff Eisenberg, Brian Dennis, Lucy Peterson and Will Leftwich.

Subjects covered include, making acquisitions, how to choose where to open new depots, and how to seek finance capital for expansion, customer service, clever marketing, financial restructuring and much, much more.

While some of the pieces inevitably date themselves by virtue of references to events taking place at the time they were written, that 10 year time span actually lends itself to a Special Report of this type, because it's long enough for the industry to have experienced several business cycles - of growth, retrenchment and stability.

These different business climates are naturally reflected in the articles published.

Examples include, what to consider when you want to start a new rental business or sell your existing one, and 'classic' fleet management issues such as pricing, yield management and procurement policies.

The Special Report: Managing Rental also focuses on issues like customer service, clever marketing and financial restructuring.

Whether you manage a mature rental business in the Netherlands or the US, or a start-up company in Malawi or Malaysia, we trust that IRN's Special Report: Rental Management will prove a valuable resource.


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