Speedy orders 300 TowerLight 'eco' lighting sets

By Murray Pollok07 October 2009

Speedy has ordered 300 of TowerLight's new VT-1+eco lighting towers.

Speedy has ordered 300 of TowerLight's new VT-1+eco lighting towers.

UK rental company Speedy Hire has ordered 300 of Tower Light's new VT-1+eco lighting towers. The tower features an automatic switch-on and -off system that the companies claim will reduce tower maintenance costs by a third; cut pollution by 30%; and result in considerable cost savings for contractors.

The VT-1+eco is a modified version of the VT-1 model, featuring a light detection sensor and an auto stop/start mechanism that switches on the unit when the ambient light reaches a predetermined level. The sensor will also shut down the light when there is sufficient brightness.

As well as saving energy, it will also eliminate the need to employ a team of workers travelling from site to site to manually start and stop each lighting set at night and in the morning.

Speedy and TowerLight have calculated that a contractor could make fuel and labour savings of over £4300 a month on the cost of renting 12 lighting units.

Andy Connor, Speedy's supply chain director, said; "Our research has uncovered that most lighting sets are on for up to 12-hours per day, when in fact they are only really needed for eight hour periods.

"Using a VT-1+eco automatically limits the amount of lighting to periods when it is actually required. This will, of course, have favourable cost savings for the contractor. With fewer servicing requirements, longer lasting parts and fewer bulbs to replace - general wear and tear is expected to be reduced by one third compared to the SuperLight."

TowerLight, based in Italy, said using the lights could reduce pollution levels by up to 30%.

Paul Hay, TowerLight's international sales manager, said Speedy will be the first hire company in the UK to offer the VT-1+eco; "With Government departments, such as DEFRA, placing an increasing emphasis on reducing pollution on construction sites and civil engineering projects, we set about developing the VT-1+eco with environmental considerations right at the forefront.

"With expert help from our rental partner, Speedy, we have jointly developed a product that will go a long way to address many of these pressing issues."

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