Speedy supplies almost 200 'green' light towers for Glastonbury

17 June 2013

One of the several hundred TowerLight hybrid, LED lighting towers being used at this year's Glastonb

One of the several hundred TowerLight hybrid, LED lighting towers being used at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

Speedy has delivered almost 200 newly acquired TowerLight lighting towers to the Glastonbury Festival site in advance of the event.

The rental company has bought nearly 200 VB9 LED Hybrid lighting towers to illuminate the camping areas and access walkways of the festival. Glastonbury opens its doors on 26 June.

The festival organiser favours the use of ‘green’ equipment at the site, hence Speedy’s choice of the VB9 LED Hybrid, which uses a hybrid battery/diesel system, with auto charging technology with the set running on 90% battery power and 10% fuel.

The battery is automatically recharged via a low battery monitor system, combining 8 hours battery power and 8 hour generator usage. The battery has 3000 hours life and the generator consumes just 0.25 litres per hour when in use. The set can run for over 500 hours on a single tank of fuel.

“The Tower Light VB9 LED Hybrid won the environmental award at Speedy’s national supplier conference”, said Speedy’s Brad Poole. “Following this award, I was keen to get this lighting into our event rental fleet, as so many of the major festivals are asking us to provide environmentally friendly plant and equipment. The Hybrid ticks all the environmental boxes for these types of events.”

The towers were sold to Speedy by TowerLight UK, the UK subsidiary of Italian manufacturer TowerLight.

TowerLight UK said the VB9 LED Hybrid provides significant energy savings; “Just 150 watts of LED power consumption yields an equivalent illumination level of 400 watts of metal halide - include the 70000 hours of life of a LED lamp against the 6000 hours of a metal halide light and the economies of LED lighting become instantly apparent.”

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