Spider provides equipment for NYC hotel

24 March 2016

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, provided equipment for this curtain wall installation in Times Squa

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, provided equipment for this curtain wall installation in Times Square, NYC, recently.

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, recently provided a complete access equipment solution for the curtain wall installation on the new 29-story luxury RIU Hotel Times Square in New York.

Faced with a challenging rooftop landscape that was filled with obstructive mechanical equipment and a complex air conditioning unit, Doria, Inc. turned to Spider for an access solution. Spider’s engineering team navigated the rooftop obstructions with a maze of rigging equipment, including pipe scaffolding, gantries, OBS frames, outrigger beams and max reach assemblies.

Doria, Inc. installed Spider’s complex rigging system according to the strict requirements of the NYC DOB and equipped it with two Spider monorail systems, Beta Max Leo XXL VFD material hoists and five swingstages powered by SC1000 traction hoists and furnished with walk-thru stirrups. Collectively, this system enabled precise positioning of the curtain wall panels while providing optimum safety and productivity to the crews.

Additionally, Spider provided 32-hour suspended scaffolding training, as well as fall protection equipment to Doria, Inc.

“We chose Spider for this particular project because they provide reliable equipment, and they do it with personable, quality service,” said Mike Sofranin, president of Doria, Inc. “Spider's monorail performed beautifully, and the suspended scaffolding provided everything our customers needed. We had two of our biggest clients working on this site, and they both relayed the highest praise for Spider’s equipment and service. We knew we could count on Spider to support this project from start to finish.”

Spider’s equipment successfully endured six months of constant operation on the RIU Hotel jobsite, with multiple trades using the swingstages to access their work.

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