Sponsored Content - Sarens opens four new depots worldwide

By Sarens18 June 2018


Sarens is pleased to announce the opening of four new crane depots in France, the Czech Republic, Russia and the UK as part of a strategy to reach local customers in new markets. 

The depots will expand Sarens’ rental and maintenance capabilities at a time when clients are investing more in OPEX (maintenance and upgrade of existing facilities) than CAPEX (greenfields and new infrastructure). The four new depot locations include:  

  • Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
  • Pierrelaye near Paris, France
  • Hinkley Point in Bridgwater, UK
  • Kazan, Russia 

The depots are being added to existing business units and will offer cost-effective crane rental services to local clients. They will serve multiple sectors with a fleet of smaller cranes that can be used safely and continuously. They will also be able to assist with larger operations, for example during shutdowns when larger cranes are needed in addition to smaller ones. 

As Sarens has learnt over the years, it is almost impossible to serve local clients without being close to their operations. Although the Group has four existing depots in France, it is adding a fifth depot to serve clients near Paris. And while Sarens already has a depot in neighbouring Kazakhstan, the new depot in Kazan, Russia will be better able to meet the needs of clients there. 

Sarens business units across the world will be conducting in-depth market analyses to determine the viability of adding more depots to serve local customers. The Group will share more information about the four new depot openings, as well as future depot opportunities, in the coming months.

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