Standard and heavy duty SPMT from Cometto

By Alex Dahm29 March 2023

two red Cometto SPMT modules side by side Cometto MSPE 48T and EVO3 70T announced in March 2023. Photo: Cometto

Transport equipment manufacturer Cometto has a new, higher capacity, generation of self propelled modular transporter. Its MSPE series for heavy load transportation is now available in 48 and 70 tonnes capacity as Standard and Heavy Duty.

The manufacturer claims its range as the most powerful on the market. “Up to 70 tonnes payload capacity per axle line and a bending moment up to 9,400 kN.m are unique advantages,” according to Adrian Zingan, Cometto product manager.

He said the new range is also backwards compatible with previous generations and also with equipment from competing manufacturers.

48 tonnes capacity

The new MSPE 48T can be combined as Standard and Heavy Duty and, similarly, the MSPE EVO3 70T as Standard and Heavy Duty vehicles at 2,430 or 3,000 millimetres wide, with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 axle lines.

Standard equipment on both types includes tubeless tyres, an LED night light kit and 16 tonne lifting rings.

70 tonnes capacity

The MSPE EVO3 70T, in Standard and Heavy Duty versions, means heavy loads can be moved in all directions in a small area because of the 70 tonnes per axle line capacity. Zingan explains, “The patented Cometto Dual-Link suspension offers an optimised force repartition in the suspension structure, allowing this highest payload per axle line on the market. The axle geometry gives the highest possible precision during the load positioning.”

Cometto said the suspension design and tubeless tyres allow long distance travel and negotiation of steep slopes under full load. Contact with the ground is improved and tubeless tyres build up less heat than tubed types.

Electronic control of the hydraulic drive motors allows all the motors to start precisely at the same time and to make inching movements down to 5 mm/s, the manufacturer said.

new red Cometto SPMT module New generation of Cometto MSPE self propelled modular transporter. Photo: Cometto
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