STC modifed Cat 349E for Zeppelin

10 February 2014

STC has created this Cat 349E UHD for German dealer STC

STC has created this Cat 349E UHD for German dealer STC

German Cat dealer Zeppelin has reportedly sold at least four 349E UHD high reaches to demolition contractors around Germany. The machine has a pin height of 29 m (95 ft), can carry a 3 tonne tool at that height and has been fitted with a hydraulic extending undercarriage.

It features a hydraulic boom coupling system and all hydraulic hoses have quick couplings, allowing boom changes to be made in just 10 minutes. Dutch modifier STC conducted the engineering design of the boom and hydraulic systems, with all fabrication work and hydraulic system production carried out at its Coevorden facility in the Netherlands.

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