Stefan Cankov takes on government role in Bulgaria

By Murray Pollok22 October 2013

Stefan Cankov

Stefan Cankov

The president of the Bulgarian Rental Association, Stefan Cankov, has been appointed by the Bulgarian Government as president of the state agency for metrology and technical surveillance, having been nominated by Bulgaria’s prime minister, Plamen Oresharski.

Mr Cankov, a well-known figure in Europe's access and rental industries who was managing director of Destination Bulgaria (Destbul) until 2010, has handed over the presidency of the rental association to Dimitrios Dianelos, the manager of Industrial Access’ business in Bulgaria.

Before taking over the state agency Mr Cankov was deputy mayor of the Maritsa municipality.

In his new role Mr Cankov will lead the agency in areas such as quality control of liquid fuels, market surveillance and technical inspections. The agency’s responsibilities include training and operation of all machines where there are safety implications, including aerial lifts and cranes.

Destination Bulgaria is the dealer for Bulgaria of Niftylift and Socage and operates a nationwide access and cranes maintenance business.

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