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24 April 2008

Venieri will be showing its new articulated backhoe loaders, the VF 6.23 D, VF 8.23 D and VF 10.23 C

Venieri will be showing its new articulated backhoe loaders, the VF 6.23 D, VF 8.23 D and VF 10.23 C, at Intermat.

According to the show organisers, over 1500 exhibitors have booked stands at Intermat and 180000 visitors are expected over the course of the six days. In this final &stop press' preview of the show, CE presents some of the late breaking news about new machines that will be on display and the events taking place.

Latest News

In the earthmoving sector, Intermat will see the launch of Moxy's latest articulated dump truck (ADT), the upgraded MT36. A Stage IIIA compliant 294 kW Scania engine powers the truck, which can carry a maximum payload of 32,7 tonnes, and it has a heaped capacity of up to 21,5 m3.

It features independent front suspension, which allows for free movement on one side without movement on the opposite side, to give maximum ground contact. The MT36 is fitted with hydraulic multiple oil immersed brakes as standard, as well as electronically controlled automatic lubrication.

Also in the earthmoving sector, US-based Miskin will be showing a range of scrapers - the D9, D17, D19 and D26 - with capacities of 9, 17, 19 and 26 yd3 (6,9, 13, 14,5 and 19,9 m3) respectively. Also on the company's stand will be its 25 tonne, 19,9 yd3 (10,6 m3) capacity DW-25 Dump Wagon, which it describes as “an economical alternative to articulated dump trucks”.

Italian manufacturer Venieri will display new VF 6.23 D, VF 8.23 D and VF 10.23 C articulated backhoe loaders at the show. The 7,2 tonne, four wheel drive, 63 kW VF 6.23 D features hydrostatic transmission and closed-circuit hydraulics. It has a maximum digging depth of 4,3 m, or 5,1 m with a telescopic stick. The 7,6 tonne, 77 kW VF 8.23 D has a maximum digging depth of 4,5 m (5,4 m with telescopic stick), while the 9 tonne, 86 kW 10.23 C features a maximum digging depth of 5 m (6 m with telescopic stick).

Visitors to Venieri's stand will also be able to see its new VF 10.33B, a non-articulated backhoe loader with four-wheel steering, and its VF 263 B Plus loader, full details of which will be available at the show.

Spain-based Ausa will be showing a range of new equipment at Intermat including new site dumpers, new backhoe loaders, utility vehicles, skid steer loaders and mini excavators.

Two new dumpers, the D 600 APG and the D 350 AHG, will be on show for the first time, both with four-wheel drive. The D 600 features a maximum load of 6 tonnes, an articulated chassis and four-cylinder Kubota V3300T engine

The D 350 AHG has a maximum capacity of 3,5 tonnes, 108° rotating skip and a turning radius of 4,68 m. Also on show will be the four-wheel drive, 2 tonne capacity D 201 RMG.

New backhoe loaders include the R 3, which has a maximum bucket capacity of 1,1 m3 and is just 2,28 m wide. Maximum digging depth is 4,6 m (retracted) or 5,8 m (extended), with a shovel turning angle of 200° and a maximum unloading height of 2,74 m. The cab is fitted with ROPS, tinted safety glass with complete visibility, two doors with rear and side windows and side opening as well as front and rear windscreen wipers. Also on show will be the RC 5, more details of which will be available at the show.

Also on the company's stand will be the M 150 M and Task 50 utility vehicles.

The four-by-two M 150 M has a maximum capacity of 1,5 tonnes and is fitted with a three- cylinder Kubota D1105 diesel engine with five forward and one reverse gear. Standard features include a heated cab, rotating headlight, rear-view mirrors, three-point seatbelt and built-in bumpers.

The rough terrain Task 50 has a maximum capacity of 500 kg and a top speed of 60 km/h. It uses a 400 cc, four-stroke Rotax Bombardier engine. The operator can engage/disengage the four wheel drive when needed.

Also on the stand will be forklifts - the C 150 H (maximum load 1,5 tonnes) and C 350 H (3,5 tonnes), skid steer loaders - Mustang's 2012 (maximum capacity 375 kg) 2026 (476 kg) and 2041 (614 kg) and mini excavators - the 2,66 tonne MH 25 and the 3,23 tonne MH 35. Maximum digging depths are 2,61 and 3,13 m respectively.

Russian manufacturer Promtractor will be showing a range of dozers and pipe laying equipment at Intermat. The company has over 75 different dozer models and is promising to show a variety of new and established models.

Control Systems

The impact of GPS technology in the earthmoving sector means visitors to Intermat will be able to see a host of excavator guidance and control systems.

Prolec's Digmaster Pro is the first product launched from its Digmaster III system and is suitable for use for earthmoving and road construction applications. Features include 2D or 3D modes, multiple excavator views, including plan, profile, front and rear, and plug and play compatibility with most major GPS brands.

Options including single and dual antenna GPS, GPS and compass (Radio Tide Gauge and Laser Mast will also be available). The system can also operate in stand-alone mode. Other features include multiple bucket and tool selection, on-board help manual and multi file format compatibility.

As well as these standard features the excavator version offers a tilting bucket option, setting of target depth with cut/fill, a level, slope, dual slope and user defined profile excavation and an interface with existing survey packages such as Anmask or Georog.

Also on show will be Prolec's Liftwatch range - height and motion control system - as well as its on board weighing systems - Weighloader - for shovels, telehandlers and ADTs.

Also new at Intermat will be Mikrofin's Mikrodigger Depth Monitor System, the XC 1 and XC 2. The XC 1 is based on the gravitational reference system. Three inclination sensors, used for measuring the angle of the boom, stick and bucket, feed information to the display unit, which makes all necessary calculations.

The operator establishes a known reference point and then chooses Fixed Depth or Slope mode. The display unit indicates the actual depth via an LED display and the operator is able to determine high, on-grade or low with the aid of three lights or an audible alarm. Features include, easy-to-use one button operation, bucket position indicator, four extra inputs for zero, up/down etc, a rotational sensor, and quick change between 20 different bucket settings.

The XC 2 features new 'Quick Keys' to access 10 user defined settings, new 'Shortcut Keys&, which access the most commonly used functions, multiple bucket position display and easy navigation. Also new is the 50 mm full colour graphics display, a Complex Profile mode, which allows operators to “teach” the machine using an existing profile, a machine heading display, when working with X and Y slopes, and a tilt bucket display that shows sloping terrain and bucket tilt together.

Mikrofin will also be showing its five model ML laser series - ML10 to ML15 - alongside its HS10 and HS14 handheld receivers for surveying applications.

Roadbuilding & Compaction

Rabaud's 22,6 tonne, 403 kW Rotostab 525 soil stabiliser features an electronically regulated engine, four wheel drive, automatically regulated rear door opening, a cover divider system and a spacious, air conditioned cab. Other features include a maximum speed of 20 km/hour, automatic rotor elevation and depth setting, easy maintenance hatches and a 1200 litre fuel tank.

Oletto's Thermo-Asphalt-Container (Hot Box) maintains asphalt at 110 to 120°C and comes in four basic sizes from 2,5 to 10 tonnes. The three larger sizes can be equipped with a two-chamber option, for storage and transportation of two different materials. The system is available as either a stand-alone unit or can be mounted on a truck.

Mauglin's MX-Sealer features a steel binder tank, automatic burner and an aggregates bucket. It is available with either a gravitational and telescopic chip spreader or a chip spreader with a 220 mm diameter drum. Other features include a telescopic spray bar - 3,1 to 3,5 m wide - joystick control and large monitor.

Weber will be showing a range of walk behind compactors, including its new CR 10 heavy soil compactor alongside its Compatrol compaction control system.

The 880 kg CR 10 features a centrifugal force of 100 kN and variable working widths of 700 to 950 mm. The fully hydraulic and reversible CR 10 is equipped with a new push button control, anti- vandalism cover and is powered by a water-cooled 3 cylinder, 19,5 kW Lombardini diesel engine.

According to Weber, Compatrol is the first continuous compaction control system for walk-behind soil compactors. It allows the operator to control and monitor compaction in earthworks, while checking whether the soil is compactible at all. It is available on Weber's CR 8 CCD, CR 7 CCD and CR 6 CCD soil compactors.

Screens And Crushers

Terex Pegson's track mounted 1000SR combines its tracked 1000 Maxtrak crusher with a double deck sizing screen and a re-circulating system on one chassis. Besides re-feeding any over size material, the 1000SR produces two product sizes when the optional additional stockpiling conveyor is included.

The hopper has a feed height of 2,8 m, with a 1 m wide, variable speed feed conveyor carrying the material to the cone crusher (feed size is up to 195 mm) and a metal detector is fitted on the feed belt. Oversize material is re-circulated via the 500 mm wide closed circuit conveyor. The two- deck sizing screen (1,53 x 3,35 m) and the under screen stockpiling conveyor (1400 mm wide), with a stockpiling height of 2,93 m benefit from a 258 kW Cat engine, CanBus PLC controls and can process a maximum of 200 tonnes per hour.

Also on show will be its 1165 Premiertrak jaw crusher, with hydraulic release, which is capable of crushing material up to 200 mm, thanks to an increase in the pre-load pressure from 400 to 500 bar.

Other features include hydraulic setting adjustment; setting changes do not require drawback rod adjustments, while blocked chambers can be cleared with the jaw stationary by opening and closing the cylinders.

Also of interest will be Italian manufacturer OM's Gigante screen. Weighing 32 tonnes, with a 104 kW engine, the double-decked screen has a maximum capacity of 500 tonnes/hour.

Also on OM's stand will be its new Marte Crusher. The 224 kW machine has a 1100 x 750 mm inlet and a new Safety Power Control, full details of which will be available at the show.

Austrian manufacturer Hartl will be showing its PC 1375 I, the flagship of its Powercrusher Impact series and its HCS 6015 screening plant. The 94 kW HCS 6015 features a 6 x 1,5 m screen on both decks, while the motor is positioned at the top of the screenbox, which means there is no problem with dust or overheating. For easy maintenance and service the motor coverings fold all the way forward to allow complete access to the driving unit.

Hartl's PC 1375 I features an inlet opening of 1,25 x 0,75 m, a maximum throughput of 300 tonnes/hour, a 291 kW engine, a hydraulic driven vibrating chute, stepped pre-screener, automated material flow control and load sensing navigated hydraulics.

Powerscreen will be showing its Warrior 1400 crawler-mounted mobile screening plant. The 25 tonne 1400 is able to operate with either a finger, woven or mesh screen, which can be hydraulically adjusted. The bottom deck features a speedharp, or self-cleaning ball deck system, with easy access for maintenance and repairs. Optional features include an apron feeder belt and a Hardox lined screenbox.

Trenchless Technology

Visitors to Vermeer's stand will be able to see its first-ever &family' of ride-on trenchers with a tracked undercarriage - RTX350, RTX450, RTX650- its new S600TX, the RT350 trencher and the D20x22 Navigator HDD and the D36x50 Series II Navigator HDD.

The RTX350, RTX450, RTX650 are powered by a 28 kW Cummins A1700, 37 kW Deutz F3L2011 and 56 kW Deutz BF4L2011 engine respectively, while trencher depths range from 1,22 to 1,52 m. Trenching widths vary from 130 to 410 mm. Track base widths vary from 1,47 to 1,73 m, while track width varies from 380 to 460 mm.

Like the RTX family the new S600TX is a rubber-tracked trencher. It is equipped with a universal mounting plate, which allows operators to hook up attachments more easily, a spring cushioned operator platform, positioned within the framework, and joystick controls.

Two engine options are available - an 18,6 kW Kohler Command Pro gas engine, or an 18,6 kW Kubota D905 diesel engine - with a 60 litre fuel tank. Tracks options are 180 or 230 mm.

Moving up in scale the RT350 is a ride-on trencher powered by a 28 kW liquid cooled Cummins A1700 engine. It is capable of trenching to depths of 1,22 m with widths of 130 to 300 mm.

The midsize D20x22 Navigator HDD has a rack and pinion design with 2983 Nm of torque and 9 tonnes of pullback. Other key features include a state-of-the-art operator's station, stationary stakedown system, and 3 m sections of Firestick I drill stem.

Also mid-size, the D36x50 Series II Navigator, like the D22x22, features a rack and pinion design with 6779 Nm of torque and 16,3 tonnes of pullback. Other key features include a state-of- the-art operator's station, stationary stakedown system, and 3 m and 4,5 m sections of Firestick II drill stem.

Tracto-Technik will be showing the latest version of its Grundodrill horizontal directional drill (HDD). The latest model features a percussive hammer and is easily converted for rock drilling with the addition of the Grundorock-Mudmotor. Automatic boring and drill rod loading speed up the drilling process. The unit, according to the company, is unique in that the 7X drill and the bentonite mixing system are on the same rig.

Also new from Tracto-Technik is the Burster, the smallest version of its Grundoburst system for pipe renewal. With a 1 m diameter design it will fit down a standard manhole cover.

Other Launches

Italian-based Soilmec will be showing its new seven model SM Series of crawler cranes (SM-20 to SM-120 and the SM-35F). The newest crane is the SM-120a with a maximum lifting capacity of 120 tonnes at 3,5 m radius.

Other features include a 6-cylinder Caterpillar C18 (522 kW, 1800 rpm), a hydraulic system with proportional controls having a delivery of 950 l/min, a 60 m lattice square boom, 6,2 m wide, 7,17 m long undercarriage with 900 or 1000 mm wide tracks.

Korean breaker manufacturer Daemo will be showing its new DM series - DM10 to DMB450(suitable for carriers from 1,5 to 50 tonnes) - at Intermat. According to Daemo the DM series features low noise emissions, durability, easy maintenance and safe operation.

Able to operate underwater the DM Series features an auto-greasing unit, variable speed, a new regulator which adjusts the blow speed relative to the application, and low vibration.

Breaker manufacturer Italdem will be showcasing its new breakers, including the 4 tonne GK 3800 S, which is suitable for carriers up to 65 tonnes.

All its breakers, from 650 kg upwards, are now equipped with a triple shock absorbing system, which guarantees “softer and smoother” work, in compliance with the EC Vibration Directive. The company will also be showing a range of breakers in its medium class, details of which will be available at the show.

Padley and Venebles will be showing a range of shanks, couplings, drill rods, tungsten carbide tipped drill bits (button, &X', cross), integral drill steels, taper rods and bits, tube drilling systems and paver breaking hammers.

Italian manufacturer Rima will be showing a range of components including mechanical and hydraulic stabilisers and jacks, and slewing rings.

Visitors to BSP International Foundations' stand will be able to see several project presentations, including a bridge project in Northwest Borneo, involving its CG300 hammer. The CG300 is BSP's largest hammer in its heavy-duty five-model range, which are designed to operate from piling rig leaders or be crane suspended.

They are suitable for driving a wide variety of bearing piles, including tubular steel, &H', combi, reinforced concrete and cast in situ piles. Basic hammer weights and ram mass ranges from 17,2 and 11 tonnes for the CG165 up to 27,4 and 20 tonnes respectively for the CG300. Maximum impact energy is 165 to 300 kNm.

Overseas Pavilions

There will be several national pavilions at this year's Intermat, and two of the largest will be Korea and Spain's.

Visitors to Korea's KOCEMA (Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association) run stand will be able to see equipment and pick up product related literature from Daehan Tungsten (wear plates/rings), Dae Sung Tech (spare parts for concrete pumps), DNS (concrete pumps, drills, breakers), Hanjin Heavy Industry (undercarriage parts for excavators and dozes) and JAB (demolition attachments).

Other companies exhibiting at the Korean pavilion include Jeonil Machinery (concrete equipment, pumps, rebar benders and cutters), Jisung Heavy Industries (demolition attachments), Kukje Diamond Industrial (DTH hammers and bits), Top Drill International (DTH hammers and bits), Wonyoung Seal Corp (sealing products) and Woojin-Eng Co (steel components for excavators, wheeled loaders and fork lifts).

Similarly, visitors to Spain's ANMOPYC (Spanish Manufacturers Association of Construction and Mining Equipment) run stand will be able to see equipment and pick up information from ACM (mini excavators), Alba (mast climbing equipment, reinforcing steel bars equipment, and hand tools), Ausa (dumpers, rough-terrain forklifts, self-loading mixers, light trucks and vehicles) BYG (wear parts), Camac (mast climbing equipment, concrete mixers and hoists), Enarco (light compaction equipment and concrete vibrators), Etesa (wear parts), Gesan (generator sets, welders and light towers), and Intrame (batching and asphalt plants, crushing plants, recycling equipment and graders).

Other companies exhibiting at the Spanish pavilion include Korota (hammers), Lebrero (compaction equipment), Llamada (foundation equipment), Poyatos (concrete equipment), Prensoland (precast concrete machinery), Sistemas Forza (self-erecting cranes, tower cranes, formwork systems), Saltec- Torgar (mast climbing equipment and concrete mixers), Serviplem-Baryval (concrete trucks and mixers), Sima (hand tools), Tabe (hammers for excavators), Tecset (mast climbing equipment), Tusa (conveyor belts) and Ulma (scaffolding, formworks and props).

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