Strand jacking

15 April 2008

Fagioli PSC used strand jacks to install the three wind turbine bridges that link the two towers of

Fagioli PSC used strand jacks to install the three wind turbine bridges that link the two towers of Bahrain City Gardens

International specialist contractor Fagioli PSC used its strand jacking experience during construction of the high profile World Trade Center in Bahrain. Bahrain's tallest building, the 240 m City Gardens, comprises two 50 storey towers of pointed glass and steel. The skyscraper is home to offices, a hotel, a high-end retail mall and the Bahrain World Trade Center.

Linking the two towers are three spans that each house a wind turbine to supply energy to the development. The shape of the towers channels air through the turbines.

The link spans, or bridges, are fixed to supports at the 16th, 25th and 35th storeys of the towers, at heights of 61 m, 97 m and 133 m, respectively.

The bridges, which each weigh 74 tonnes, were lifted in by PSC Fagioli using hydraulic strand jacks. A complicated lifting arrangement comprising two strand jacks with rotational and traversing capability was placed on the 44th floor, at a height of 183 m above grade. Additional strand jacks at ground level restrained the bridges as they were lifted.

Main contractor for the project was a joint venture between Murray & Roberts of South Africa and Bahraini contractor Nass. Also in the Middle East, Fagioli Group transported and erected two 1,100 tonne reactor vessels at the Rabigh Integrated Refinery and Petro-chemical Project in Saudi Arabia.

The erection method used two of Fagioli PSC's second generation Towerlift masts erected to a height of 65 m. At this height, and with the 1,100 tonne lift weight, the Towerlift system could be used without the need for any guy wires.

A crosshead beam spanning 19.8 m linked the two lifting towers, with four remote-controlled lifting jacks mounted on it to give an overall safe working load of 1,620 tonnes.

A 1,700 tonne capacity swivel allowed the reactor to be rotated once it was raised to vertical.

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