Strictly Cranes dismantles Raimondi LR213

26 November 2018

Australian tower crane specialist Strictly Cranes used a 350 tonne capacity mobile crane to dismantle a 100-metre-high Raimondi LR213 luffing jib crane belonging to developer-builder Aland.

Strictly Cranes dismantled the luffer and 30 metre jib in one day. The mobile crane was then downsized the following day and used to load 16 trailers with the dismantled crane.

The luffer was originally commissioned for two years but Aland completed the project in 12 months.

According to Raimondi, Aland used the LR213 because of its high freestanding height, which required minimal climbing and bracing of the crane to the building.

For the dismantling of the crane Strictly Cranes supported the job site with six team members comprising: a lead rigger; a lead technician; two riggers; a dogman; and an operations manager.

Strictly Cranes also provided a Boscaro brick cage, a kibble, a man box, a first aid cage, heavy duty lifting chains for precast panels, general quarterly maintenance, and 24/7 call out for immediate service needs throughout the project’s duration.

The LR213 was purchased by Aland in 2017 and will now undergo on-ground mechanical and electrical maintenance assessments ahead of its next placement later this year.

A video of the dismantling job can be seen here:


The 100 metre high LR213

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