Students get high on Ischebeck Titan

By Steve Skinner18 November 2008

A combination of Ischebeck Titan’s aluminium HV soffit panel system and full-height, mesh-faced safety screens are currently being used in the construction of the world’s tallest student accommodation block in Leeds in the UK.
The Leeds Plaza phase two project is a £ 30 million (€ 38,5 million) 37 story block, housing 557 students, that will eventually stand at 100 m to become the tallest building in Leeds.
“Thanks to Ischebeck Titan’s HV we have been able to maintain a steady schedule of work, casting an entire floor slab each week,” said Michael Cannon, managing director of Metropolitan Developer Limited, the specialist sub-contractor working on the project. “The system means that we are on target to complete the entire frame by the end of this year.
“A significant advantage of Ischebeck Titan’s full height screens is that the outer cladding for the building is following on swiftly behind slab casting, so the screens are in place to provide protection to workers fitting the cladding. This system has offered excellent benefits in terms of safety and speed of construction,” continued Mr Cannon.
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