Sunbelt morphs in response to pandemic

08 July 2020

Some adaptations made by US-based Sunbelt Rentals in response to the Covid-19 pandemic are set to become permanent changes at the company.

For instance, curbside pickup of rented equipment, which was implemented at the onset of the pandemic, is now intended to remain as an offering beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

COVID 19 - External Curbside

Curbside pickup is set to become a permanent offering

Said to be a good option for small tools and equipment, and towable items, customers will be able to opt for this contactless method when they make reservations online or by phone.

The company has also seen a shift towards online ordering, which has prompted the company to put a renewed focus on its digital channels.

“While renting equipment online may not be the normal course of business for some, especially prior to Covid-19, we’ve seen record numbers of online orders over the last several months,” said Katy Lovering, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Sunbelt.

“This means that we need to continue to evolve and provide an omni-channel experience to our customers, for today and for the future.”

Other new practices include the introduction of stringent guidelines – as directed by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) – for cleaning, sanitising and handling equipment in order to reduce the risk of contagion.

For customers who enter depots, Sunbelt asks that they adhere to social distancing guidelines, including wearing a face covering. In addition, the company has installed signs requesting that customers do not enter if they have been exposed to the virus.

Regarding its internal operations, Sunbelt has taken special measures to safeguard its employees and keep them informed. This includes the creation of an internal task force that serves as a central hub for communications, procedure and process changes. Also, leadership teams are in regular communication, and an online resource centre has been created for employees.

Lovering said, “Throughout this pandemic, it is critical that we keep our doors open and our employees and customers safe.”

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