Sure shipping from Jumbo

By Euan Youdale09 January 2012

Positioning the cranes on deck with special support

Positioning the cranes on deck with special support

Jumbo Shipping transported two Kalmar ship-to-shore (STS) container cranes and seven rubber tyred gantries (RTG) from Taicang, China to Cartagena, Colombia. IC reports

The ship-to-shore cranes were too big to handle fully assembled, so both were shipped in large sections to fit on the deck and ito the hold of heavy lift transport ship Jumbo Javelin. Special support and sea fastening structures were engineered by Jumbo, with its client Cargotec, to ensure the sections, weighing up to 1,000 tonnes each, were safely stowed during the long sea voyage to Colombia.

The crane structures reached 80 metres above deck and protruded 30 m over the starboard side of the vessel. The lower portal and upper sections of the first crane were lifted and placed on deck separately. The complete middle piece of the second crane was then lifted on deck in one tandem lift.

Due to the cranes being wider than the vessel, Jumbo and Cargotec produced support structures on deck and on the outside of the vessel. In addition, the upper structure needed to be tilted to make sure it did not hit the water during sea transport.

Jumbo used its SPOS (Ship Performance Optimisation System) onboard routing system and ship motion monitoring and advisory system Octopus in co-operation with Meteo Consult to calculate the best sea route to avoid high waves and strong winds. "With the cranes protruding on the starboard side, the roll movement of the Jumbo Javelin had to be minimised. Because of careful preparations, and the selected sea route, the cargo was delivered in Cartagena, Colombia, safely and on time," said a company spokesman.

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