Suspended cab

25 March 2008

To Combat the effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Merlo's new 10,32 tonne heavy load Panoramic P55.9CS is fitted with a fully suspended cab (CS) module.

According to marketing manager, Paolo Peretti, “The P55.9 CS, with its suspended cab, 5,5 tonne capacity and 8,6 m lift height, represents something of a move away from traditional telehandler operations towards heavy duty handling, more in the realm of wheeled loaders.”

To suit its heavier duties, said Mr Peretti, the P55.9CS has a completely new chassis and boom configuration, new heavy-duty axles with epicyclical hub reduction and a 104 kW engine.

“These heavy duties mean tough terrain, so the P55.9CS includes [our] latest concept for improved driver comfort and safety – a fully suspended cab. While boom or axle suspensions reduce driver fatigue, full cab suspension offers the best possible level of whole body vibration reduction,” added Mr Peretti.

The cab is supported by two articulated arms and rests on normal bump stops when the CS mechanism is deactivated. Switched on and a hydraulic cylinder raises it 60 mm and initiates suspension. Once in operation, a hydro-pneumatic cylinder allows a total suspended movement of 110 mm.

Standard on the P55.9 CS, the suspended cab should be available on a selected number of models in the second half of 2007.

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