T-boom series new from Stellar Industries

02 April 2015

The TC Series has a compact T-Boom crane design and a reach of 5.7 metres

The TC Series has a compact T-Boom crane design and a reach of 5.7 metres

Stellar Industries in the USA is launching a series of compact T-boom hydraulic cranes, the TC Series.

Maximum reach is 5.7 metres and the cranes can be remotely controlled using the Stellar CDT crane control system. In addition to the remote control, there is a feedback system which alerts the operator to the percentage of maximum load that the crane is lifting.

Four models are available with 1 and 2 tonnes capacity. The all-hydraulic reach is from 2.7 to 6 m. Power is via a PTO from the truck's engine driving a pump on the truck chassis. An optional 12 volt electric power pack with integral hydraulic reservoir is also available.

Tim Davison, Stellar Industries product manager, said, “We saw a need in the American marketplace for the use of a crane that had versatile mounting options. We’ve taken a proven European concept and in Stellar fashion added value by incorporating our proprietary radio remote system as a standard feature.

“Having a radio remote control takes the operator out of the danger zone and into the best position they deem necessary to get the job done, all the while getting feedback through the remote handle about the load being lifted.”

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