T50 two

25 April 2008

Major changes characterise this year's Transport 50 listing of the world's largest specialized and heavy transport equipment-owning companies. This time last year saw the first attempt at a “Top Transport” listing, in which we included 25 companies. Expansion of more than 50% this year towards a “T50” sees the addition of 13 companies to make a total of 38.

The T50 ranks companies according to the total maximum transport capacity of equipment in their fleet in metric tonnes. The ranking is based on information supplied by the companies according to a standard enquiry form completed by those companies and returned to IC. We endeavour to produce the most accurate ranking possible but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied. As with the IC50 listing of the world's largest crane-owning companies, the idea is that with each successive edition, the list is improved, largely thanks to input from readers. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

The heavy transport market has two main segments: heavy and specialized transport by road; and – where often higher loads are involved – heavy transport on jobsites, which reflects in the total tonnage and both form the basis for our list.

Although the goal to include the top 50 companies from around the world is still some way off, a strong showing of newcomers has been added this year. This has had an impact on the ranking by directly affecting ranking positions towards the top of the table. Unchanged, however, is the number one position, which is held again by Netherlands-based international specialist, Mammoet.

New in at number two is Italy-based Fagioli, one of the largest heavy transport companies that is active both in site and road transport. In terms of their T50 Index value, Fagioli, which is especially strong in on-road transport, and Mammoet, are relatively close to each other while there is a big gap between these two and the T50 Index figure of third place – last year's number two, UK-based Abnormal Load Engineering, which still boasts an impressive total.

The number of new entries is substantial – 13 companies are listed for the first time this year – so the list has grown significantly. If similar growth can be achieved next year it is likely that the target of 50 companies will be reached.

A notable newcomer in the top 10 is Dawes in the US. Dawes is particularly strong as a heavy and specialized carrier involved in on-road transport. Another well known company to join the T50 is Al Jaber from Abu Dhabi, UAE. Al Jaber is heavily involved in expansion projects in the Middle East, especially of petrochemical plants and, therefore, has acquired a large number of SPMTs over the last few years. Another notable new entry is Anatolia from Turkey. Anatolia offers a wide range of services and is heavily involved in transporting large and heavy refinery equipment.

Companies other than pure heavy transport specialists have also made the listing. An example is Ainscough Crane Hire, one of the largest crane rental companies in the world, which, also has a large fleet of heavy and specialized trailers that counts among the top worldwide companies when it comes to a ranking in the T50.

There is also room for smaller companies, for example, Caribbean Heavy Lift & Transport in Aruba. The young company is reporting a healthy level of business and, as a result, might well keep up its growth, tonnage wise, as it has this year and maintain a position in the table.

While it is not reflected in the T50, it should be noted that Lampson, headquartered in the US, offers, in addition to the main categories based on rubber tyred trailers and transporters, another important tool in heavy load movement – the crawler transporter. This is just one example of possible ways to improve and expand the list with additional worthwhile information.

Your comments and suggestions on ways to improve the T50 and any other aspect of IC are welcome. While there is room to expand and improve the T50 we try hard to get as many replies as possible by encouraging hundreds of potentially relevant companies around the world to fill in and return the T50 application form. While we have managed to expand the list by more than 50% this year we realise the list is far from complete. With the help of readers we can expand and improve the list again next year. •

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