Tailored to suit

By Lindsay Gale30 April 2015

One of the star attractions on the Hitachi stand at Intermat was a special edition 14.4-15 tonne, 126 kW (169 hp) ZW180-5 with a bucket capacity of 2.4-3.1 cubic metres (85-110 cubic feet). It features optional extras suited to the rigours of waste handling sites and other similarly challenging working conditions.

Both the cylinders and the cab feature FOG guards to protect them from damage and two belly guards (front and rear) fitted underneath the machine to safeguard vital components, such as the driveshaft and powertrain respectively. All of these options are highly recommended by HCME for industrial, waste handling and demolition applications.

Among the features that help owners to reduce service and maintenance costs is the engine filtration system. It incorporates a Turbo 2 system that draws air from the upper filter through a protective screen at the top of the unit. The incoming air spins, and causes the dust and dirt to separate from the air.

An automatic reversible cooling fan is fitted as standard that prevents clogging of the radiators by changing the rotation of the fan every 30 minutes and there is also a manual option for the operator to engage in the cab. Optional anti-clogging radiators have been designed with a wide-pitch core and square-shaped fins that allow particles to pass easily through to prevent blockages and reduce the risk of overheating through better airflow.

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