Tandem lift for Autojeřáby Malina

By Laura Hatton16 July 2014

A Terex Explorer 5800 and an AC 250-1 all terrain crane work in tandem at a new multi-purpose arena

A Terex Explorer 5800 and an AC 250-1 all terrain crane work in tandem at a new multi-purpose arena in Frydek-Místek, Czech Republic

Lift and transport service provider Autojeřáby Malina, based in Ostrava, Czech Republic, helped lift steel roof structures for an arena in Frydek-Místek.

Autojeřáby Malina used a Terex Explorer 5800 and a Terex AC 250-1 all terrain crane to complete the tandem lift. The 6-axle AC 250-1 has an 80 metre pinned boom and a 36 m extendable swing-away jib. The 5-axle Explorer 5800 has a 200 tonne capacity and a 70 m main boom. It is powered by a 405 kW Scania Euromot IV/Tier 4F engine.

The two cranes were used to lift the prefabricated structures that made up the new roof. The AC 250-1 was configured with a main boom of 41 m and a working radius of 21 m, while the Explorer 5800 was configured with a 42 m boom at a working radius of 24 m. The load weighed 28 tonnes and measured 30 m wide. It was lifted to a height of 18 m.

Radek Malina, Autojeřáby Malina president, said, “Jointly lifting a weight of around 28 tonnes is actually a relatively easy task for our two Terex cranes. But if the load is 30 metres wide and it is to be lifted from within a sport arena structure, precision is of utmost priority.”

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