Tata Steel invests in heavy-grade strip production

06 July 2012

Tata Steel has recently completed a significant investment in upgrading one of the coilers on the Hot Strip Mill at its IJmuiden plant in the Netherlands.

The investment paves the way for the development of heavier-gauge strip for use in the manufacture of articulated trucks, and of higher-strength steel grades for use in cranes and machine boom arm applications. The products will help customers reduce the weight of finished fabrications whilst maintaining strength and integrity.

Gareth Beese, Tata Steel's sales and marketing director for lifting and excavating, said, "Our equipment manufacturing customers are looking for stronger and heavier-gauge steel products to get more out of the machines they make. This investment means that we can continue to play a part in helping them to improve the efficiency of their own products. This is a really positive development for our customers."

A number of new steel grades are in development and are being trialled through the upgraded coiler, including Ympress S700 and Ympress S960.

The upgraded coiler can supply high-strength steels up to 20mm: core applications for the new steel grades will be those requiring high strength combined with reduced weight, including cranes and construction equipment.

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