Telematics system from Scale and Control

By Christian Shelton23 July 2018

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Texas, USA-based company Scale and Control – which provides industrial product solutions designed to enhance productivity, equipment utilisation, and increase site awareness among operators and drivers – has announced that it is launching a telematics system. According to the company, the system, comprising telematics hardware with an accompanying database, will enable fleet operators to effectively control fleet costs, reduce maintenance costs and issues, and quickly locate their assets.

“Our hardware solution will provide users with the ability to monitor remote equipment live, or near live, depending on the hardware and monitoring plan that you select,” said Joel Francis, co-founder of the company. “Alarms can be set and users can receive alerts via email or text to enable immediate action.” These alerts can be for simple items, such as high temperature, low fuel, or low oil pressure, or more logic-based alerts for potentially more serious problems, such as if the fuel level decreases while the equipment isn’t running. “The hardware is capable of viewing all relative CANbus data,” explained Francis. “And, unlike competitive solutions, custom CANbus parameters can be set.”

According to Scale and Control, its base hardware system provides WiFi connectivity, as well an option for WiFi and cellular communication. “Where WiFi connectivity is available, we can move key machine information without the overhead cost of cellular plans,” contined Francis. “Using our cellular hardware option, we can provide affordable large volume data monitoring on users machines or assets. We can provide domestic and international cellular data plans.”

Scale and Control said its news system will also enable vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and remote vehicle interaction, while the database will enable users to set up key monitoring metrics that will enable fleet managers to make crucial decisions on managing  costs, equipment usage and utilisation.

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