Terex AWP promotes niche industry machines

By Maria Hadlow22 March 2011

Terew AWp's GS 2646 AV is modified specifically for aviation inspection and maintenance.

Terew AWp's GS 2646 AV is modified specifically for aviation inspection and maintenance.

Two of the new machines on the Terex AWP (Aerial Work Platform) stand are existing models modified for specific industries. The GS 2646 AV is based on the 2646 scissor and is a prototype aimed specifically at aircraft inspection and maintenance. The S3800 (and soon to be available S3200) is based on the S100 superboom and is designed to withstand the rigours of Chinese shipyard industries.

Frank Schneider senior product manager for boom products said that Terex AWP was actively working on adaptations of products for local and niche markets.

The GS 2646 AV (aviation) has been developed with feedback from Boeing and local distributors and will be launched in quarter 2 this year. Aviation requires a machine that can take the inspection and maintenance engineers to the worksite without the risk of collision or impact damaging the aircraft.

Special padded rails surround the basket and the 5ft extension deck is activated electronically - slowly moving into position and helping to avoid the unintentional damage that may occur by manual activation of the deck.

There are entry/exit gates at either end of the platform and when these are open power cuts on all functions, again to avoid accidental impact with the aircraft.

Jeff Weido senior product manager for scissors, portables and light towers aid that the machine is suitable for rental as well as end users such as Fedex and UPS, which run their own aircraft fleets.

The GS2646 will be available soon May/June 2011.

The S3800 is being manufactured in China specifically for the Chinese and Asian shipbuilding industry. Shipyards are extremely hostile environments and machines have to withstand long working days and heavy particulate from grinding, welding and sand blasting. The carrier has full steel covers, a bump rail and optimised crane lifting hooks. The tyres are solid.

All hoses, cylinders and cables are fully sheathed and fire retarded. The platform is constructed from square tubing with bump rails and is more enclosed to ensure tools cannot fall out. The controller has a closable lid to protect it from falling debris. There are ship detection sensors on the basket and it is built to ensure the operators hands are kept inside.

Frank Schneider said that Terex AWP expected to sell 200 units a year. Shipyards are currently the largest users of self propelled aerial platforms in China and Mr Scheider said that having locally built products for this market would help stimulate and drive Terex AWP acceptance in this region.

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