Terex Finlay boosts recycling at Tudor Griffiths

By Steve Ducker09 February 2016

A new Terex Finlay 883+ Spaleck is powering through material at Tudor Griffiths Group as the company reports a surge in recycling rates at its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

The customer made the investment in the plant, supplied by Finlay group company Finlay Central, to ensure it continues to measure up to high environmental performance targets.

Almost 90% of incoming waste to the company’s site in Shropshire, near the Welsh border, is now recycled.

Tudor Griffiths Group has more than 30 years’ experience in waste and recycling as well as being a leading supplier of construction materials, building supplies and ready-mixed concrete.

Also located on the site is a material recycling facility, a landfill and a concrete mixing plant.

Inert material brought to the site is fed by excavators in to the Terex Finlay 883+ Spaleck.

The fines produced are used for landfill restoration, while the middle grade goes through a density separator and picking station to be sold as clean aggregates, while oversized material is put through a crusher.

Waste manager John Pugh said: “The Terex Finlay 883+ Spaleck is producing saleable construction aggregates with a far cleaner mid-size product.

“We haven’t experienced any blockages, meaning that downtime has been kept to a minimum.

“The main benefits are the steel feeder, which takes the brunt of the heavy material and the double deck Flip-Flow screenbox. In the past we’ve not found this easy to process, but the new plant is working very well.”

Tudor Griffiths Group worked with Neil Bailey of Finlay Central to introduce the plant to the site.

Neil said: “The capabilities of the Terex Finlay 883+ Spaleck are incredible and it is enabling Tudor Griffiths Group to process a very difficult material.”

Altogether Finlay Central has supplied 10 machines to Tudor Griffiths Group in a long-standing partnership that has been in place for close to 20 years.

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