Terex towers x18 in Copenhagen

By Laura Hatton21 November 2013

One of the Terex CTT 231 flat top tower cranes helps with the expansion of the Copenhagen Metro proj

One of the Terex CTT 231 flat top tower cranes helps with the expansion of the Copenhagen Metro project

A total of 18 Terex CTT 231 flat top tower cranes are being used to help with the expansion of the Copenhagen Metro project in Denmark.

The €1.7 billion project is one of the biggest construction projects in Denmark. The new section, the City Circle Line, has 16 km of new underground lines and 17 new and refurbished stations.

The tower cranes were purchased by the Copenhagen Metro Team (CMT), the main contractor for the site. The team is made up of a number of companies specialising in safety, drilling, material processing, track laying and construction.

Work for the 12 tonne capacity tower cranes includes removing material excavated from the tunnels and lifting new concrete and materials for the construction for the new M3 and M4 lines.

“The two new M3 and M4 lines of the City Circle line form a giant ring across the present M1 and M2 metro lines. This will allow passengers to transfer between the new and the old metro lines at the Kongens Nytorv and Frederiksberg stations,” a company spokesperson said.

Most of the tower cranes were installed with a concrete base, whilst one was fitted with a travelling rail-mounted chassis on 30 metres of rail. A further five towers are scheduled to be rail mounted.

Extra additions
Danish regulations mean that the cranes have also been fitted with elevators for the operator to reach the cab. Terex Cranes supported CMT during this process and also with transporting the cranes into the city, a company spokesperson added.

Eliseo Marsiglio, CMT project manager, said, “The Terex tower cranes, expert advice and support have all been excellent. This is a complex contract made more difficult because of the situation in the centre of Copenhagen. These CTT tower cranes are designed for working on confined sites and have very good lift capacities. It is early days but, at the moment, we are very pleased with the investment.”

Ivo Romanelli, Terex Cranes service manager, said, “The tight construction schedule and the situation in the middle of the city pose big challenges to providing service and support. But we have had very positive feedback from the client CMT.”

The Copenhagen Metro will have 37 stations. Work started in 2012 and it is expected to be completed by 2018.

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