Testimony deals expected in Odebrecht case

09 November 2016

Officials investigating Odebrecht, the Brazilian company at the heart of a huge bribery and corruption scandal, are said to be negotiating plea bargains with more than 80 of the firm’s employees.

It is believed they will testify about Odebrecht’s part in a scheme involving construction contracts made with the state-run oil giant Petrobras.

As the case moves forward, investigators from the US and Switzerland are expected to implicate more than 100 politicians, including government figures at the highest levels.

Money from the allegedly corrupt transactions has passed through both US and Swiss banks, hence the involvement of investigators from the two countries.

The Swiss Attorney General's office confirmed it sent a team to Brazil last month "to coordinate their mutual actions within the framework of the ongoing criminal proceedings."

The US Department of Justice declined to comment on the ongoing case.

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