Testimony from Ukraine’s rental industry

By Murray Pollok25 March 2022

Aleksander Shapovalov, the CEO of Ukraine’s largest rental business, NovaRent, has provided an update on the situation in the country.

Remarkably, Mr Shapovalov said the company is trying to continue to operate; “Today the offices in Lviv, Rovno, Odessa and partially in Kyiv are working. In other areas, work is either difficult or impossible. All employees who have an opportunity to do so are working remotely.

NovaRent is the largest general equipment rental business in Ukraine. (Photo: NovaRent.)

“Decisions on whether we can work or not are made day-to-day, since the entire territory of Ukraine is subjected to rocket attacks and active hostilities are taking place in 10 regions.

“Most of the employees evacuated their families - women, children and the elderly - to the safer areas, in most cases closer to the border, while they themselves returned to their homes and continue to either work or join the army.”

NovaRent was formerly part of Russian rental business FortRent, but the owners – Ramirent and Cramo – sold the Ukraine part of the business in 2019.

Mr Shapovalov said there was an enormous need for small diesel generators from 10 to 120 kVA; “This equipment is used both for private houses and for the needs of territorial and civil defense. Today we have given out all our stock of this equipment to the district administrations.” (See note below.)

He said the company maintains a large stock of spare parts; “This allows us to continue working 24/7 in the conditions of hostilities. It is now very difficult to replenish the spare parts warehouse, because all logistics are focused on the army and refugees.”

The equipment rental market in Ukraine is fragmented, with the two largest players are the Finnish access rental company Pekkaniska and Novarent.

Europe’s rental industry have been taking action in support of Ukraine, including Ardent Hire in the UK and Hungarian supplier Continest, which has been sending its foldable containers to the Ukraine-Hungary border and at railways stations in Budapest.

For those who want to help provide generators or other support, IRN hopes to provide practical guidance.

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