Teupen brings new machine and innovation to Intermat

By Maria Hadlow26 March 2012

Teupen's Leo15GT based on the technology of the smaller Leo13GT will be launched at Intermat.

Teupen's Leo15GT based on the technology of the smaller Leo13GT will be launched at Intermat.

Teupen Maschinenbau will be launching a new model, updating the Leo 13GT and integrating its FuzzyIV control in the Leo30T and Leo36T at Intermat.

The technology used on Teupen's Leo13GT is the basis for the new edition of the Leo15GT. Like the 13m working height model the boom sections of the Leo15GT have a high-quality anodized finish. It also uses the same platform and safety technology, fully automated leveling, the same basket unit and cable remote controls. It also has a height- and width adjustable track chassis and can be equipped with a diesel or gas engine.

Michael Wotschke Teupen's managing director said, "Overall, Teupen has developed an access platform with excellent performance parameters. The Leo15GT has a working height of 14.7m and a maximum outreach of 7.6m with a full basket load of 200kg.

"The Leo15GT is fundamentally different from the Leo15GTplus, which we introduced last year. Both products appeal to a different range of customers with specific requirements. The Leo15GTplus is well-equipped (e.g. with a Kubota diesel engine) and can reach a working height of 15.5m and an outreach of 7.9m thanks to its improved stabiliser technology and movable jib arm," said Mr Wotschke.

The addition to the electrically driven Leo13GT is an optional, permanently installed Robin-Subaru gas engine unit with automatic speed control, until now the machine was only delivered with a steering bracket for a generator which can be suspended when not needed.

The introduction of the FuzzyIV control technology for the LEO30T and LEO36T means a radio remote-controlled tracked platform has an operating panel in which the remote can be easily fitted and then immediately displays graphical information for the operator. Available information on the tilt range, outrigger locking status, ground pressure and outrigger setup status (for example, in outrigger operation during automatic stabilisation) is now displayed.

During lift operation, all available boom movements are displayed. In addition, the display indicates when reaching the load limit, exceeding the basket load limit and it supports the operator while approaching the transport position.

Mr Wotschke, said, "After our five new product launches at APEX, we are proud that we can further develop our strong position with more innovations at Intermat."

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