The drivable scissor trailer

By Maria Hadlow27 June 2011

Snorkel launched a new concept in aerial lifts in 2010. The XT24SD trailer-mounted scissor lift is towed like a conventional trailer, but can be driven from the platform like a self-propelled scissor.

With a weight of just 1500kg, the XT24SD is light enough to be easily towed by cars or light commercial vehicles, the Snorkel XT24SD (X= Scissor, T= Trailer, 24 = platform height in feet, SD = Self-Drive) is fitted with a twin wheel friction drive system, allowing the operator to drive and steer it from the basket while in the stowed position. This combines a trailer's ease of transport with the performance and manoeuvrability of a self-propelled aerial work platform.

Richard Tindale, Snorkel's global sales & marketing director, said: "It always takes time for a new concept to become embedded and understood in the market.

"However, once the unique benefits of this lift are understood in a certain end market, uptake happens very quickly. For example we are selling good numbers in North America, for aircraft refuelling. The towable element allows the operators to quickly cover large distances on the airport apron, while the self-drive helps them efficiently manoeuvre into position.

"We still believe there is a great rental opportunity here, as the 'tow-and-go' nature of the XT24SD means that contractors don't have to pay transport costs, but still have the on-site flexibility they need from an aerial lift."

The Snorkel XT24SD is quick and easy to set up; Once unhitched from the tow vehicle, the drive motors are engaged, and if required the stabiliser extensions are deployed. Once these operations are complete the operator can enter the platform and not leave until returning to the tow vehicle.

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