The European Equipment Rental Industry 2014 Report

08 October 2014

October 6, 2014 (Brussels, Belgium) – The European Rental Association (ERA) announces the publication of The European Equipment Rental Industry 2014 Report with the most comprehensive data available on the European equipment rental industry.

This report has been produced by ERA in cooperation with IHS Global Insight. The European Equipment Rental Industry 2014 Report contains a country-by-country analysis over 12 European countries. It includes detailed market size information for the years 2011-2014 and key ratios among which fleet size and investment as well as penetration rates. The report also contains forecasts for years 2015 and 2016 per country.

A special focus in this 2014 edition has been the validation of the French rental market with the French stakeholders. It has been possible, thanks to their input, to validate and/or to improve the classification of products and markets categories first established for the UK rental market in 2013. Furthermore, the dedicated taskforce intended to breakdown the rental turnover by different channels to markets including rental companies, equipment distributors and equipment manufacturers.

Thanks to the new NACE rev. 2 classification of economic activities, we have moved almost entirely to official data sourced from National Statistics Offices since they offer the most robust and reliable information on a transparent basis across all countries.

Highlights of some of the key findings in the report include:

- In 2013, the total size of the European equipment rental market (without operators) was €22.63 billion at 2013 exchange rates, representing an average decrease of 1.4% over 2012. However, at constant exchange rates (2012), it would represent an increase of 1%.

- The estimate for 2014 is showing an increase of 2.8% over 2013 at 23.25 billion Euros at constant exchange rate over 2013.

- The forecast for 2015 is showing an increase of 2.6% over 2014 at 23.86 billion Euros at constant exchange rates over 2014.

As with the overall economy, national rental markets across Europe remain quite heterogeneous. The picture shows huge differences among countries in 2013 with maximum growth in UK at almost +10%, and maximum decrease in Poland at – 19%.

For the first time, the report introduces a new additional ratio for rental penetration against GDP, besides the traditional ratios against total construction output and against country population.

The 2014 Report contains 75 pages of statistical information with expanded details per country. Each country contains 4 pages of detailed information in local currency in order to better measure the trends, independently from the variation of the currency exchange rate against the Euro.

The report, commissioned by ERA is available to ERA members for €300 and to prospective and non-members for €900. For copies please contact the European Rental Association at Avenue Jules Bordet 142, 1140 Brussels, Belgium or by email on

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About ERA
The European Rental Association was created in 2006 to represent national rental associations and equipment rental companies in Europe. Today our membership includes over 4,700 rental companies, either directly or through 13 national rental associations. ERA is active through its working groups in the fields of Promotion, Safety and Sustainability, Statistics, Equipment Technology and Theft, General Rental Conditions. The next ERA convention is scheduled in Rome on June 3-4, 2015.
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Note: The European Equipment Rental Industry 2014 Report is copyright-protected and proprietary to the European Rental Association; however the information in this release may be reproduced without further permission. Other figures, charts or findings from The European Equipment Rental Industry 2014 Report may not be reprinted or photocopied in part or in full without the advance written permission of the European Rental Association.

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