The Haitian earthquake experience - World Demolition Summit

By Lindsay Gale21 November 2011

One of the highlights of the recent World Demolition Summit ­- the moving joint presentation by David Sinclair from UNOPS and Safedem, Mike Jansenns of UNOPS and Jesula Andre, the first female Haitian Government machine operator - can now be viewed at

Together, the three outlined the major challenges that still face the population of Port au Prince and the demolition crews that are struggling to clear the massive number of earthquake damaged buildings - damaged buildings that in many cases are still occupied by their residents, threaten other adjacent structures and pose a major menace to passers-by on neighbouring streets. Entitled The Haitian Earthquake Experience, for best effect the video should be viewed following download of the three individual Powerpoint or PDF slide presentations.

The World Demolition Summit was held on 4 November 2011 in Amsterdam and was made up of the World Demolition Conference and the World Demolition Awards. The majority of the presentations made at the conference are available for download and have now been joined by video clips of each individual presentation that can viewed online from the site (they are not available for download).

Other videos available include a number of project reports - Richard Liesegang at work at a German power station, Despe's work on decommissioning the Caorso nuclear power plant in Italy, Fabio Bruno's explosive blowdown at the Castelao Football Stadium in Brazil, Cardem's demolition of a redundant power plant in Strasbourg and Dick Green's overview of explosive blowdown work in the Middle East.

In addition, Dominick Swords' economic forecast is of great interest, as is the latest in asbestos detection from the ALERT project by Alan Archer.

The evening's Award presentations can also be seen on the same website.

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