The Muck Truck

25 March 2008

The Muck Truck is a motorised wheelbarrow, equipped managing with skid steer four wheel drive and and a Honda 4,1 kW petrol engine. It is a walk-behind machine, with no provision for the operator to ride. Originally developed in the UK from a Honda-engined, tracked barrow, wheels have been substituted as the design evoloved. It is now manufactured in the UK, Florida, and Australia.

The machine is made of a welded steel chassis, which provides a strong frame for the welded steel buck t, or oth accessories that can b used. pneuma Two handlebars are fitted, with the standard-looking controls conveniently placed for the operator.

The Honda engine drives a transaxle between the front wheels via a single V-belt, incorporating a tension belt clutch. The transaxle has a gearbox with four forward and one reverse gear, and a transmission disc brake.

A unique feature of the machine is its method of transmission of the drive from the driven front wheels to the rear wheels, via an “idler”pneumatic tyre on each side.

No suspension is fitted, nor is required. The large pneumatic tyres provide an amount of buoyancy over varying surfaces.

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