Thermoil extends battery life and its distribution network

By Maria Hadlow02 July 2009

Tim Ward, managing director of Nifty Pty Ltd of Australia and Nifty S.A. (South Africa) will distrib

Tim Ward, managing director of Nifty Pty Ltd of Australia and Nifty S.A. (South Africa) will distribute Thermoil in those markets.

Thermoil Europe has wasted no time in getting Thermoil into the markets: individual distribution agreements have been agreed with both Nifty Pty Ltd of Australia and Nifty S.A. (South Africa) to sell Thermoil De-Sulfater and Thermoil De-Mister products on an exclusive basis in each country.

At the end of April US company Thermoil opened a new UK sales and distribution centre to service the European, South African and Australian markets. Thermoil Europe is based in Greenfield, North Wales and owned by Thermoil Inc and Martin Davies of EWP and MEC Europe.

Thermoil Battery - De Mister and De Sulfater products are designed to recover failing lead acid batteries and protect and reduce maintenance on all brands of non sealed lead acid batteries. Prolonging battery life can provide users, particularly rental companies, with considerable savings.

Tim Ward, who is managing director of both companies, visited the Thermoil Europe warehouse in Greenfield, North Wales to conclude the agreements and see the first pallet loads of product being prepared for shipment. Mr Ward said, "After having the chance to test the products and witness the effectiveness of both, I believe Thermoil will be an ideal product for us to offer our customers in the southern hemisphere especially given the extreme heat and environmental conditions in those countries."

Mr Davies of Thermoil Europe said, "We are delighted to be able to work with both of the Nifty companies and are sure Tim and his teams will have great success with these unique products."

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