Thompson Adds New Wellpoint Pump Set

28 July 2020

US-based pump manufacturer Thompson Pump and Manufacturing has added a six-inch (15cm) rotary wellpoint pump to its RW range: the 6RW-DIS-4LE2T-X.


The new 6RW-DIS-4LE2T-X

The new pump set debuted earlier this year and joins the company’s larger 8RW and 12R versions. The pumps are equipped with abrasion and corrosion resistant parts, polyurethane rotors, and stainless-steel wear plates designed to handle industrial and plant applications, the company said.

The 6RW adds to the lower end of the Thompson RW range with a six-inch (15cm) model with heads up to 24m and maximum capacity of over 6300 litres per minute. By comparison, the eight-inch (20cm) model 8RW has heads to 24m and almost 10,600 litres per minute capacity, while the 12 inch (30cm) model 12R has heads to 37m and 10,000 litres per minute capacity.

“This six-inch version was created, in part, due to the high demand to expand the rotary pump family’s dewatering capabilities,” said Chris Thompson, President of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing.

The pump end has a positive displacement, low-pulsation, self-priming, rotary lobe, with a four-lobe, single piece design rotor with carbon steel shaft and welded carbon steel fins with polyurethane coating. The rotor housing is heavy-duty cast aluminium.

All three RW/R models drive a rotary pump that can handle both air and water. The positive displacement with constant suction makes this pump applicable for wellpoint applications.

The 6RW pump is designed for wellpoint and sock dewatering applications and can be used in place of vacuum or piston pumps, making it a cost-effective dewatering option, Thompson said.

Construction applications can include wellpoint and sock dewatering, remediation, dewatering of trenches as well as jack and bore pits, dewatering of elevator pits and foundation structures. In municipal uses, dewatering of sewer, gas, and water pipelines, lift stations and trench dewatering are typical uses.

Power for the 6RW is a turbocharged, four-cylinder, 2.2 litre Tier 4 final Isuzu model 4LE2 diesel, with cooled EGR and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment. The engine is rated 30kW at 1,800rpm constant and 36kW at 2,400rpm constant.

The 8RW is powered by either a Deutz TD3.6L4 or a Kohler CK25KDI diesel. Both are rated 55kW at 2,400rpm. The 12R also is powered by the Deutz TD3.6L4 at 55kW/2,400rpm.

This story was originally published by sister publication Diesel Progress.

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