Three sizes fit all

20 March 2008

One of the key launches of the first day at Bauma was Alimak Hek's long–awaited modular mast climbing and transport hoist system. The system will comprise three different ranges – light, medium and heavy – with three new mast designs that will be compatible with the Alimak hoist range. In addition, “future proof” adapter kits will allow customers to use the new platforms with their existing masts sections.

The three ranges are HEK L–350, M–450 and H–650. The L series will have mast climber capacities from 540 kg to 2,960 kg (1,190 and 6,500 pounds) and platform lengths up to 30.1 meters (98 feet), and transport platforms with capacities up to 2,000 kg (4,400 pounds); the M series mast climbers will have capacities up to 4,650 kg (10,250 pounds) and transport platforms to 4,000 kg (8,800 pounds); and the largest H line will have mast climbers with “significantly higher” capacities and up to 6,000 kg (13,200 pounds) transport platforms.

Alimak Hek said the new system had been designed for lower cost of ownership, higher payload capacities and with masts that can be used for both mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms. The light and medium duty ranges will be available this year, while the heaviest range is planned for launch in Spring 2008.

Ernst van Hek, president of the Hek Manufacturing BV division, told ALH that the new system was the fruit of three years of discussions withthe fruit of three years of discussion with customers, and was sorely needed. “After the merger of Alimak and Hek, wehad a port far too large.”

“We didn't wan goods hoist, o a transport platform,” van Hek said. “We wanted a list of modular components where a customer can choose what he do. The system has a very high degree of modularity”

An important feature is the use of “ada onto the standard platforms to be c variety of configurations and incorporating transport platforms.

The system is also “future proof,” said the company. “By installing a special kit, the drive unit can even be mounted on the existing 500 mast (HEK MSM Super) and square 700 mast (HEK MSHF and MS ProMax).”

Van Hek said the heavy duty transport platform, up to 6 ton capacity, “can create a new market for heavy lifting. We see that as a trend. There is a demand for it, when tower cranes are working at their peak capacity.”

All the elements will come with standard frequency controlled drives. “This is completely new for mast climbers … we're setting a new standard with technology, and high degree of modularity,” said van Hek.

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