Time mounts on new Ford Transit

06 May 2014

A prototype of the new Ford Transit with Time's Medium Duty ETM-36-135-F platform.

A prototype of the new Ford Transit with Time's Medium Duty ETM-36-135-F platform.

Denmark-based Time International is the first company offering access platforms mounted on the brand new 2014 Ford Transit van.

The redesigned Ambient version of the popular van is more fuel efficient than previous models. A prototype with a Medium Duty ETM-36-135-F platform mounted on it will be shown at Vertikal Days, taking place in the UK, 14-15 May.

Time received the new van a month ago and has now developed the first prototype ready to be put on the road. “The car is part of the experience of an access platform vehicle. Different people have different preferences. Some prefer Ford, others Mercedes or VW. Offering access platforms for a range of the newest vehicles it is our ambition to appeal to the varying preferences of operators,” said a Time International spokesman.

There are three platform models available for the Ambiente Ford Transit; The Light Duty Versalift ETL-30-120 and ETL-30-130-F and the Medium Duty Versalift ETM-36-135-F, offering working heights of 12.1 m, 13.1 m and 13.3 m, respectively.

All vehicles are 3.5 tonne gross vehicle weight, accessible to operators with a regular drivers licence. “Keeping down the weight and increasing the spare payload has been a vital concern in the design process with the largest spare payload available on the Light Duty models.

"The unique up-under subframe system preserving most of the van interior from the subframe is standard on all Ford Transit van mounts,” added the spokesman.

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