Tiong Woon orders Boom Booster

11 December 2018

Norbert Dudek from Terex left and KH Ang Tiong Woon Corp

Norbert Dudek from Terex, left, and KH Ang, Tiong Woon Corporation, seal the deal on a new Boom Booster kit

Singapore-based heavy lift and transport specialist Tiong Woon Corporation has ordered a Boom Booster kit from Terex for its Demag CC 8880-1 crawler cranes.

The Boom Booster increases the capability of the 1,600 tonne capacity lattice cranes. It can be fitted to any of Tiong Woon’s three units of this model it has in the fleet.

Ang Kha Hong, Tiong Woon Corporation group chairman and managing director, told ICST he expected to use the Boom Booster primarily for refinery upgrade projects in the region. “Loads are getting heavier and the safety factor is no longer there so we need more capacity,” Ang explained, “We need to have the kit before we can get the work,” he continued.

Using the Boom Booster means getting the job done without having to buy a whole new crane. It also means fewer tandem lifts are necessary so lifting safety is improved. Its first job will be in Singapore, Ang said, and it will be delivered around the middle of 2019. Ang signed the order during the Bauma China exhibition on Wednesday 28 November. It will be the first Boom Booster in South East Asia.

Ang explained further his rationale behind the purchase, “And while its large lifting capacity of up to 1,600 tonnes is impressive, the Boom Booster increases the lifting capacity of the existing CC 8800-1, making the CC 8800-1 superior to any other crane in the class of up to 2,000 tonnes. We are constantly upgrading our capacity and exploring ways to be more efficient by providing integrated solutions for our clients to meet their heavy lifting requirements.”

Tiong Woon and Terex have had a long and fruitful business relationship that is marked by trust, said Norbert Dudek, Terex Cranes Asia vice president who was at the contract signing with KH Ang. “We value TWC as an extremely important and significant customer. And of course we are very pleased about the renewed vote of confidence with the purchase of our Boom Booster kit, which will significantly enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of TWC’s Demag CC 8800-1 crawler cranes.”

Tiong Woon has the most Demag cranes in Asia, Dudek said. The majority of its fleet, including more than 100 crawler cranes, are Demags.


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