Tips on becoming an SC&RA advocate

03 March 2009

Plan now to make a difference in 2009. As an SC&RA member, you are an ambassador for your industry's significant causes. There is much you can do to champion SC&RA efforts to ensure you and your fellow members safely, legally and profitably transport, lift and erect oversize and overweight items. Here are a few helpful tips:

Join a committee or task force. For more than 60 years SC&RA has turned to committees of members to plot its course and work with staff members to accomplish its major objectives. Choose from dozens of opportunities that match your interests and abilities. A good place to start is by attending committee meetings during the Annual Conference, Specialized Transportation Symposium or Crane & Rigging Workshop. Ask clear questions at appropriate times during the meetings or discuss your concerns with committee members afterwards.

Get involved in your community. Even if you are unable to regularly attend SC&RA meetings, you can become a positive force within your own community. The more active you are, whether speaking at civic events, serving organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club, or contributing your company's specialized services to worthy charities, people will become familiar with you, your company and our industry.

Write to your elected representatives. When SC&RA alerts you to a governmental threat and requests your participation, be willing to step forward. You have a credible voice. The e-mails, letters, and phone calls to your elected leaders and appointed regulators will help flex SC&RA's advocacy muscles. For important issues, SC&RA will provide background information to help you make the best possible case and to ensure your position aligns with that of your fellow members.

Submit letters to the editor. When you see an editorial or article that unfairly casts negative light on your industry, take a stand. Inform the readers of the facts as you perceive them. That way, they will have both sides of the story. Often, readers of your local newspapers do not have access to the facts provided through SC&RA's magazines, newsletters and other resources. Contact SC&RA if you have questions about what to say, how to say it or the best way to get your letter published. Even sharing the unfavourable reports with SC&RA can be helpful because it helps the association spot trends and emerging issues.

Subtly encourage your colleagues. Others in your industry may not be a member of your organization because they do not know all the benefits. New members have always been the lifeblood of SC&RA. The entire industry grows stronger each time your association gains a new member. SC&RA honours its top recruiters at the Annual Conference. Members who recruit three members receive the cherished President's Award. Recruiters of five or more members receive a larger version. To be eligible, members only need to supply contact information of prospective members. Once that prospect becomes a member, you receive full credit for the recruitment.
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