Top 20 mast climber fleets

19 March 2008

Company Fleet
1 Ramirent 1150
2 Alimak Hek (Global) 975
3 SGB Mastclimbers (UK) 837
4 Ibemaq (Spain) 650
5 Sante (Singapore) 500
6 Ates (Spain) 450
7 Fraco (USA, Ca, Fr) 450
8 Mainco- Forza Gruas (Sp) 400
9 Jaso (Spain) 350
10 TNT (USA) 350
11 CME (Singapore) 250
12 Soverign Access (UK) 180
13 Al Laith (Dubai) 150
14 Sun Scaffold (US) 150
15 Sunbelt Rentals (US) 127
16 MidWest (US) 120
17 ATL (France) 100
18 Safeway (US) 100
19 Select Equipment (US) 100
20 CCM (Singapore) 90

Note: Information obtained from industry sources rather than the companies themselves, except for Ramirent and Alimak Hek, where official company numbers are used. Access International has confidence in the figures. Note also that units are for mast climber drive units and exclude passenger/material hoists and transport platforms.

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