Top grade separation

19 March 2008

An Extec S-5 Doublescreen is providing high volume screening ofasphalt fines for Ploteconstruction

An Extec S-5 Doublescreen is providing high volume screening ofasphalt fines for Ploteconstruction

Plote Construction is among the largest general contractors in the USA, and in addition to its general work, it operates high production asphalt plant in Barlett, Chicago, Franklin Park, Hillside Huntley and West Chicago Illinois that delivery thousands of tons of quality aggregate and asphalt mixes to a wide variety of highway and construction sites every day.

Some time ago, it decided to purchase an Extec S5 Doublescreen, with the aim of maximizing its efficient processing of material. The E-5 is used by Plote to process asphalt millings into three fractions of material, which are required by highway departments to construct and repair roadways and parking lots, and other associated asphalt surfaces.

The S-5's Doublescreen separates the the latter feed into a crusher for further processing in order to achieve the highest possible quality end product. Processed asphalt with a grade of -12mm (-0.5 in) is produced on the tail conveyor and a material grade of 6-12mm (0.25-0.5 in)) is produced from the side conveyor. It was this doublescreen box design that was a major factor when Plote was investigating the market using its purchase process.

Project manager David Zumbrunn said: The key factors are the high quality and massive production rates of Extec's Extec has purpose built the split drive interangling doublescreen system to handle the most challenging of materials. The split screening facility allows the first screen box to be used as a fines extractor while the second acts as a grader, providing the most specific grading of products of any mobile system on the market, claims Extec.

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