Top rental names participate in Europlatform conference

By Maria Hadlow02 September 2011

Speakers from Loxam, Boels, Coates Hire, JLG Industries and Haulotte Group will all take part in the fifth Europlatform access rental conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands, on Tuesday 13 September.

The event, on the day before the APEX exhibition and organised jointly by Access International magazine and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), has the theme Financing Growth, with speakers addressing the post-crisis environment for rental companies.

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Alexandre Saubot, chief executive officer of Haulotte Group, will discuss what the access rental sector has learned from the crisis, while Kevin Appleton, former Lavendon chief executive, will argue that rental companies should use return on capital employed (ROCE) as a financial measure to ensure sustained profits.

Maëg Videau, director of financing and mergers and acquisitions at Loxam, will explain how to make successful acquisitions (and how to successfully sell a business), and US rental consultant Charles Miller will share his expertise on how best to manage and incentivise a rental sales force.

The conference will end with a five person rental panel, with participants including Pierre Boels (Boels Verhuur), Alexandre Saubot (Haulotte), Wayne Lawson (IPAF president and JLG) and Charles Miller.

The conference will be simultaneously translated into German, Spanish and Italian.

The programme is as follows:

Keynote Address: Managing the growth cycle
Alexandre Saubot (COO, Haulotte Group)

Alexandre Saubot will discuss what the access rental sector has learned from the crisis and how to better manage business cycles.

Generating sustainable returns in access rental
Kevin Appleton (former CEO, Lavendon)

Kevin Appleton will argue that rental companies should use the financial measure return on capital employed (ROCE) to generate sustained profits.

Successful acquisitions
Maëg Videau (Director Financing and M&A, Loxam)

Loxam's mergers and acquisitions specialist Maëg Videau will explain how to make successful acquisitions.

Raising growth finance
Bruce Williams (managing director EAME, JLG Financial Services)

Current trends in financing, and how to obtain capital investment funds, will be covered by Bruce Williams, the highly experienced head of JLG's finance arm in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Australian fleet management: the 10-year rule
Peter Davis (E2E technical manager, Coates Hire)

Australian regulations require aerial platforms to undergo a major inspection after 10 years. Mr Davis will explain how the rule works in practice and what it means for fleet management.

Risk management for specialist access
Chris Wraith (IPAF Technical Officer)

Adding very large or specialist aerial platforms to a 'standard' fleet of booms and scissors brings added risks and management requirements. Chris Wraith explains how these risks can be minimised by adopting appropriate management procedures.

Managing your salesforce
Charles Miller (CL Miller Consulting)

Rental consultant and former Sunbelt Rental executive Charles Miller will share his expertise on how best to manage and incentivise a rental sales force.

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