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24 April 2008

Safi's new hoists use conductor rails, instead of cables, to get electrical power to their platforms

Safi's new hoists use conductor rails, instead of cables, to get electrical power to their platforms.

Although Bronto's +100m platform and OP Pagliero's 85 m machine won't make it to Intermat, there is still much worthy of your attention at the massive Paris event. Among these are: JLG's 32 m platform height Liftlux 320–35, Genie's new high–capacity S–60 HC boom, and a slew of newly–launched machines from host country's Haulotte, as well as launches from Bison Palfinger, Hinowa, Fraco, and Manitou. And don't forget: Haulotte is offering a massage and relaxation area with “Zen music and exotic cocktails” on its stand.

Access International provides the following guide to all the access equipment suppliers attending the show.

Alba E6–A002 and 5A–D

Spain's Alba will exhibit from its range of mast climbers and hoists.

Anmopyc 5a F 002

Association of Spanish equipment manufacturers, including several producers of mast climbers and hoists.

Avant Tecno E5 J 041

Finland's Avant Tecno will show several of its Leguan self–propelled lifts.

Bison Palfinger E6 F 040

The Bison Palfinger machines on show will span work heights from the 20 m of its PA 20 T, designed for 3.5 t chassis and providing 15 m maximum outreach, to the 47 m of the TKA 47 KS, with a maximum outreach of 35 m.

Böcker Group E5 B 039

Germany's Robert Böcker will show a selection of its material and ladder lifts and vertical mast platforms. The Böcker group acquired hoist manufacturer Steinweg last year and Intermat will provide an opportunity to see what the new owner plans to do with the Steinweg products, under the Steinweg–Böcker brand.

Bronto Skylift E9 E 030

Representing Bronto's 35 to 70 m medium–duty telescopic range will be the S 62 MDT with working height of 62 m and an outreach of about 37 m. Alongside will be the 46 m working height, 26 m outreach, extra duty S 46 XDT, launched at Bauma two years ago.

Camac B002

This Spanish company will debut a new single–masted, 1.5 t capacity transport platform, the ECP 1500. The 1500 kg payload, 3.5 by 1.4 m, roofed platform machine uses two, single–speed, 3–phase motors with a phase inverter to generate speeds of 12 and 24 m/sec. The company will also exhibit a new, wheeled base that supports masts of its 2000 and 3000 mast climber lines to freestanding heights of 12 m. Also new at Paris from Camac is a 200 kg scaffold hoist, the PF 200.

CTE/Bizzocchi E5 E 050

Italian truck–mount manufacturer (and Genie dealer) will display a selection of its own truck–mounted platforms as well as from recent acquisition Bizzocchi. Also on the stand will be hoists and ladder lifts from German manufacturer Geda.

Dieci E5 H041

Telehandler manufacturer Dieci will exhibit its new Apollo 25.6 telehandler, which can lift 2.5 t to a height of 5.8 m. The machine is powered by a Yanmar Atmo engine. The company will also show a rotating telehandler with lift height of 21 m and 5 t capacity.

Fraco 5a C 089

This Canadian company will show its light–duty, compact, road–towable, 680 kg capacity FRS–1500 platform

Geda E5 E 050

Geda, sharing a stand with CTE, shows personal and material hoists with a single mast and load capacities from 500 kg to 1500 kg. Also on show will be the GEDA–AB 450/650 suspended working platform with a new design drive unit.

Genie Industries E5 J 040

Exhibiting with parent company Terex Corp, Genie will have 20 machines on its stand, including its GS 3268RT scissor, which features the new drive system (see March issue of AI), and the new high–capacity S–60 HC boom.

Haulotte E5 J 002

Haulotte will exhibit many of its newly–launched machines, and pride of place goes to the 43 m working height telescopic boom, the H 43 TPX. The company is launching, as well, 16 m and 20 m working height telescopic, truck–mounted platforms.

Hinowa 5a H 051, 6 Q 091

Hinowa will launch its 19.5 m working height crawler: the Lightlift 19.65. It weighs 2000 kg and has stowed dimensions of 0.76 m by 2.1 m.

International Rental News 6 D 002

One of Access International& s sister magazines, published by KHL Group, IRN covers the fast–growing rental industry around the world.

IPAF E9 E 01 0

The International Powered Access Federation's &special area' includes a demonstration intended, to “make people really think about working safj at height”, says IPAF managing director Tim Whiteman. Live shows will feature Oliver Fabre French/Swiss world champion high diver.

Iteco E5 G 05 1

Iteco is launching two models: the outdoor, diesel/electric, articulated boom IT 150 DE with 220 kg capacity, work height of 17.3 m, and outreach of 10.1 m. Also debuting is the outdoor, electric, 400 kg payload scissor lift IT 8151 with 10.1 m working height platform, extendable in length to 1400 mm.

JLG Industries E5 E 001

Standing tallest among the many machines at JLG's stand will be its 32 m platform height Liftlux model 320–35, one of the largest scissors in the world. Nearby and shorter will be the new, lightweight (750 kg) version of the 6 m platform height Toucan self–propelled, vertical mast machine. Elsewhere, look for the European version of the T500J trailer–mount, featuring &drive and set'. JLG will show a special, compact version of its 266 telehandler model, called the Lo–Pro 266.

KHL Group 6D002

KHL Group is publisher of Access International, Construction Europe,International Rental News and International Cranes magazines. Copies of all KHL publications will be available from the stand.

Lionlift E5 C 060

Truck–mounted telescoping and articulating platforms will be shown by Italy's Lionlift.

Maber E6 A 003

This Italian manufacturer will exhibit from its line of rack–and–pinion personnel lifts, materials hoists, and work platforms.

Manitou. E5 K 002

New Manitou access platforms will include versions of its 12 and 15 m, electric–powered, Maniaccess range of articulating, self–propelled platforms. Another addition to the electric range is its first 17 m working height electric model, the 170 AETJ L, which has a maximum outreach of 9.4 m. The company also shows some new telehandlers, including a 30 m height, 5 t capacity model.

Merlo E5 C 001

Merlo will have a selection of its range of telehandlers – some with platform attachments – as well as its Cingo tool carrier range, which includes an aerial platform attachment.

Multitel International E5 E 060

French subsidiary of OP Pagliero. See below.

Oil & Steel E5 J 061

Oil and Steel will exhibit two new S versions of its Eagle range, featuring lightweight aluminium baskets. The Eagle S 2816, for a 2–axle truck (up to 18 t GVW), has a maximum working height of 28 m and a lateral reach of 16 m. The Eagle S 4230, mounted on a 3–axle truck, is capable of 42 m of working height and 30 m of lateral reach. The company will also exhibit a new model Octopussy, the details of which were unavailable a s AI went to press.

OP Pagliero E5 E 060

Front and centre on Pagliero's stand will be its 20 m working height, aluminium, articulated MX200 for 3.5 t GVW carriers, launched in the second half of 2005. The Italian manufacturer says it has already sold 120 of the model

Safi E6 A 068

Italian manufacturer Safi is exhibiting its new, rack–and–pinion material and personnel hoist, the Zenith. The unit has a capacity of 2500 kg and travels at speeds of 45m/min and 90m/min; its platform size is 3.5 by 1.4 m.

Saltec (Torgar) E6–A 00 8

This Spanish company is exhibiting for the first time at an international show its 1.5 t capacity T–3/CR/15G material hoist with expanded platform dimensions of 3 m x 1.8 m. It is also showing its PW 20–CR and PW 35–CR work platforms with 1.5 m extensions, increasing platform lengths to 26 and 32 m, respectively.

Scaninter Nokia E5 H 040

Leading the presentation here will be 2000 kg material hoists/transport platforms, the SC2032 and 1532. The 5000 kg capacity, twin–masted SC5000 and the light–weight, trailer–towable SC1000 model, will also be on the stand, complemented by the M/TP2000 hoist..

Sequani Meccanica E5 E 050

Truck mounted platform manufacturer Sequani is part of the CTE group and exhibits on the CTE stand.

Socage Fassi E5 H 060

Socage will exhibit from its range of articulated and telescoping truck mounted platforms.

Steinweg E5 B 039

See entry for Böcker Group

Tecset 5A C002

Tecset's new MA 350 PZ materials platform, which has a capacity of 350 kg, is designed for easy transport and can pass through a 700 mm door. The company will also show its MEC 700/1000 lift, designed for construction use in lift shafts and having 700 or 1000 kg capacities at speed of 24 m/s. Tecset stands for Tecnologia en Sistemas de Elevacion y Transportes.

Teupen E9 F 040

Teupen will exhibit the Leo 30T, Leo 16GT, and Leo 50GTX models of its crawler–mounted platforms.

Ulma 5A C109

Will exhibit its lines of frame and multi–directional scaffolding

Upright International E9 F 030

Will exhibit from its range of aerial work platforms and aluminium tower systems.

Wumag Elevant E5 G 060

Wumag says that its WT370, released last October, and its WT610, released last January, are so popular that customers won't give any up for the show. Representing the Jumbo Class line, however, will be the company's 53 m working height WT530 on a 26 t, 3–axle chassis and the 45 m working height WT450 on an 18 t, 2–axle chassis. It will also display its WTB 220 3.5 t model.

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