Topcon includes graders

By Sandy Guthrie23 March 2011

The 3D-MC2 technology from Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) is now available for motor graders.

At the same time, its SiteLINK 3D - a real-time, advanced communications management system for the 3D-MC grade control range of products - has been launched.

Originally introduced in 2008 for dozers only, the 3D-MC2 technology is said to deliver smoothness and grading accuracy, and allow a grader to operate at speeds well above those achieved on any other 3D machine, with tighter tolerance.

Ray O'Connor, TPS president and CEO, said, "The technology provides pitch compensation so the operator is free to roll the blade to adjust the cutting edge based on material conditions."

Mr O'Connor said the current best average result for finishing work was 40,000 to 160,000 ft2 per workday. "With 3D-MC2 on a grader with consistent material conditions, it is possible to finish up to 750,000 ft2 a day, or more. In fact, in a recent test, a grader equipped with 3D-MC2 finished more than 1 million ft2 in a day.

Adding 3D-MC2 to a motor grader, said Mr O'Connor, allowed the control system immediately to sense any changes in the cutting edge position and make corrections up to 100 times per second, providing "superior stability and smoothness when finish grading."

Topcon's 3D-MC2 system is compatible with its existing sensor technology.

With the newly-launched SiteLINK 3D, Topcon said its goal was to provide information from the machines to and from a central office or job trailer, or to other machines. This recorded data can then be analysed to help calculate productivity, "ultimately improving production and reducing costs".

Tony Vanneman, construction product marketing manager, said, "With SiteLINK 3D, you can track each machine, size and model, through an array of applications. Data collected can be used to track productivity based on the application and material."

He added that as well as job data, plan revisions and related files could be simply exchanged with all users, keeping everyone updated on job changes. A major advantage of SiteLINK 3D, Vanneman said, "is remotely to trouble-shoot any machine from any location. One can also view, online, any machine and fix machine control problems without having to drive to the job site."

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