Towable scaffold tower now available to rent

30 April 2009

Monkey Tower Ltd, a UK company which has designed and bought to market a quick unfolding scaffolding

Monkey Tower Ltd, a UK company which has designed and bought to market a quick unfolding scaffolding system, has secured funding from NatWest to support increased sales under the Government’s recently

The Monkey Tower, trailer-mounted scaffolding system manufactured by UK company Monkey Tower has been taken on by UK Rental company Speedy Hire.

Appearing in this year's Speedy catalogue the Monkey Tower is a quick unfolding scaffolding system suitable for use both inside and outside and which can be towed by any vehicle with a towbar.

Dr Alan Watt, director at Monkey Tower Ltd said, "Despite the harsh economic environment these are exciting times for Monkey Tower Ltd. After a lot of investment in developing the product it is very rewarding to see developing so well with a wide variety of end users from painting and decorating and general maintenance to CCTV and lighting. The contract with Speedy Hire allows us to break into the hire market where we can see great demand."

The Monkey Tower can be raised by a single person, it is a lightweight in design but up to 75 kg of tools and equipment can be winched up using the platform. The tower allows up to two people to work at a height of up to 6.5m (21 ft). When the Monkey Tower is in position the user needs to set the stabiliser jacks, pull the ladder into position and winch up the platform; then he can climb up and begin work.

With a minimum width of 0.7m (2 ft 6 in) the Monkey Tower can be manoeuvred by one person through a single doorway. Ground type is said to be no barrier to the Tower which can negotiate, mud, grass and gravel.

By using the castors and the jockey wheel the Monkey Tower is highly manoeuvrable, which is useful for small movements or getting the Monkey Tower close to walls.

Dr Watt describes the price of the Monkey Tower falling between a scissor and a scaffold tower and cites another advantage as being the simplicity of the equipment, which has no hydraulics or electronics.

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