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01 September 2017

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Disruption continues in the IC Tower Index listing of the world’s largest tower crane rental companies. If you thought last year’s Index saw a lot of change then this year there is even more. While the top position remains the same, all other entries hold a different position from last year.

This major challenge to the established order is caused by this year’s highest new entry. Liebherr has gone public with its rental fleet details, blasting into the table in second place as the highest of seven new entries this year. Its fleet of 1,680 tower cranes makes it the third largest by number of units and around 700 more than the next highest. Liebherr emphasises that its figure is just the cranes it owns and does not include rental cranes owned by its dealers. Liebherr is not the only tower crane manufacturer with its own rental fleet.

From the top

So, NFT retains and further strengthens its place at the top of the table, there for the second year running. Most companies, including NFT, steadily increase their fleet capabilities each year and some have ups and downs but show an increase over the longer term. An exception is Arcomet, once at the top of the table. It has reduced its fleet over the last few years, by between as little as 4.6 % and as much as 27.6 % a year over the last three. As a consequence, in that time it has moved from third to ninth place.

Ic tower index

IC Tower Index Top 20 Largest Cranes

In terms of totals, the 2017 IC Tower Index, at 3,557,898 points, is a whopping 29 per cent up on the 2,757,133 points for the top 20 companies in 2016. This reflects the huge surge in demand for tower cranes that has been boosting the sector. For some “multi-discipline” crane manufacturers the growth in the sector has been and remains a lifeline. The increase in last year’s table over 2015 was also a very impressive 21 %.

Among the top five companies growth was slightly lower this year, with a total index of 2,095,758, up 21.6 % on the 1,722,898 points of 2016. This is down slightly on the 25 % increase last year but still a strong number.

Of the seven new entries three of them are in the top 20. Next highest is Matebat, from France, joining inside the top ten in 7th place. And welcome to the third new entry, Falcon Tower Crane Services, at 17, supplying its fleet details for the first time.

Three companies from 2016 were removed this year. The first, AmQuip, was because it is now part of Maxim Crane Works following its acquisition just after last year’s deadline. This major fleet addition moved Maxim into the top 10, up an impressive eight places to 8th. The other two companies deleted were Ramirent and ML Holdings.

Outside the top 20 the remaining new entries this year are, at 28, Active Crane Hire from Australia, and Bulgarcom Kranova Technika from Bulgaria at 32. The other two are Bigfoot Crane Company from Canada at 35 and Jay Dee Contractors from the USA at 38.

The total of 40 entries this year is more than we have ever had before so if things continue in a similar vein then we can soon start looking at expanding the number of companies we show as part of the ranking.

IC Tower Index

Companies are ranked by their IC Tower Index, calculated as the total maximum load moment rating, in tonne-metres, of all tower cranes in a fleet. All companies in the list, plus other prospective ones, have the opportunity to supply fleet information and other data. Where companies supply the full data the figure used is calculated by them. In cases of insolvency, acquisition or lack of information, companies are withdrawn from the table.

While we make great effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided, it cannot be guaranteed and International Cranes and Specialized Transport (ICST) and its publisher, KHL Group, accept no liability for inaccuracies or omissions.

The IC Tower Crane Index will next be updated in the first half of 2018. If you think your company should be included please contact ICST for an application form.

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