Tracked Falcon shows its worth

By Euan Youdale23 May 2013

A 29 m ReachMaster Falcon F595 found itself in a tight spot when contracted to clean a 90 ft rotunda at the Fort Worth Convention Centre, in Texas, US.

As Ebbe Christensen, president of Falcon distributor ReachMaster, explained the tracked platform had to fit in an area of 21 x 21 ft, a relatively tight space considering the 95 ft working height.

“It takes eight hours to do the job and it had to be done between 8pm and 6am in morning, so you can rule out scaffolding - you couldn’t get it up and down in time. Also, we had a 36 inch single door to go through, and maximum 100 pounds per square foot, and we had a very delicate floor with a Texas Star on it.”

“With the footprint being fairly small, and having to get up to the rotunda; this is a typical situation where nothing else but a compact lift would get you up there.”

While well known in other parts of the world, this type of equipment is not that common in North America; a situation that is set to change, according to Mr Christensen.

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