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25 April 2008

The use of tracked transportation equipment allows oversize loads to be moved over uneven terrain. T

The use of tracked transportation equipment allows oversize loads to be moved over uneven terrain. The addition of oil cooled brakes allows gradients of up to 10% to be tackled

In the early 1970s US-based Lampson International began designing and manufacturing track driven crawler transporters to haul outsize loads over unimproved roadways. These crawlers with capacities of around 300 tonnes quickly proved their worth in the heavy transportation industry and found work moving a range of heavy cargo.

Since their introduction Lampson has continued to improve the technology, progressing from single- engine driven equipment to the four-corner drive configuration now used. This configuration increases draw bar pull, manoeuvrability, braking, safety, and reliability.

Lampson crawlers are manufactured in capacities up to 3,628 tonnes (4,000 US tons) individual hauling capacity. Each sideframe is independently powered for good manoeuvrability especially in confined areas. The units are all fitted with Caterpillar oil cooled dynamic brakes, which allows for descent of grades of up to 10% while fully loaded. Crawler transporters can be fitted with a range of load attachment devices including hydraulic bolster systems that allow for raising, lowering, side shift and, in some cases, rotation of the cargo.

The crawlers are operated from a single central cabin. Control systems are simple pneumatic-electro-hydraulic, designed to provide long lasting trouble free operation, ease of maintenance and repair. Each crawler is equipped with a patented Rolli-Flex suspension system that allows vertical resilient motion of individual lower rollers, allowing for load equalization across the entire roller path to prevent point loads when traversing uneven terrain.

This equipment has been used worldwide, including hauling modules at Alaska’s North Slope Project, in the transportation of semi-mobile crushing units at mines in the US, Canada, Argentina and Australia, hauling of vessels for the nuclear and oil industry, and on any transportation project where increased maneuverability and stability is required.

In Australia Lampson has transported large mining draglines weighing more than 2,721 tonnes (3,000 tons) for distances over 100 km. Much of the haul routes consist of not much more than virgin outback ground with no formal roadway to follow. During the projects rivers, mountain ranges, highways, and railways are all crossed using temporary bridging and techniques engineered by the Lampson team. In addition to their stand alone hauling capabilities Lampson Crawlers are used as the mobile foundation for the flagship Lampson Transi-Lift mobile cranes. •

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