Tracker to protect lone workers

07 February 2017

Ami33 construction

AMI Group has introduced a tracking device to protect lone workers

AMI Group has launched a tracking device designed to provide personal protection for lone workers. Weighing 35 grammes, the Guardian Lone Worker system is smaller than a standard car key fob.

It incorporates GPS tracking, enabling employers to maintain contact with their employees at all times, and allows workers to raise an SOS alarm in the event of an emergency.

The device is suitable for use across a range of sectors, including construction, agriculture and forestry, health and social care, retail as well as anyone working in remote locations.

Peter Stockton, AMI Group operations director, said, “It allows employers to maintain contact with their colleagues at all times and can assist them in times of trouble. It’s a very small, discreet device, but it’s highly cost-effective and is packed full of features. Up to five telephone numbers can be entered to receive alerts when employees stray too far, fall or press the SOS button.

“Text alerts provide street locations and clickable Google map links; the device can even make and receive two way voice calls. A great feature is that a huge range of alerts and functions can be customised to meet the needs of individual organisations.”

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