Trackunit to provide data services to LGMG

LGMG Europe has signed up with telematics specialist Trackunit, which will provide its connected data-related services to the manufacturer.

The collaboration between LGMG and Trackunit will grant operators, fleet managers, and service teams’ access to valuable real-time descriptive and diagnostic machine data, allowing them to enhance up-time efficiency, enable proactive maintenance and improve overall MEWP fleet management.

LGMG - Trackunit (Photo: LGMG).

As LGMG explained, the collaboration will facilitate the exchange of machine data with stakeholders, and provide vital information such as recommendations, performance impacts, and probable root causes, with the aim of boosting productivity and enhancing safety, and ultimately minimising breakdowns and downtime.

Vincent Vercaemst, Commercial Director at LGMG Europe, emphasised LGMG Europe’s commitment to providing advanced machine data to improve asset uptime and utilisation. “Through our collaboration with Trackunit, we can offer diagnostic insights to a broad and steadily growing range of LGMG customers,” he said. “We look forward to connecting the industry with business-critical data to optimise fleet deployment.”

For the rental market, the insights provided can be especially valuable, said Robin Wang, Managing Director of LGMG. “This partnership exemplifies LGMG’s dedication to serving our customers. It will be especially beneficial to fleets that require remote equipment monitoring, like those in the rental markets.

“We’re eagerly awaiting to see the positive impact on our customers’ business processes and how it will help them thrive. And we’re particularly pleased with the opportunity to accelerate the industry’s digital transformation journey.”

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