Trackunit to showcase two new solutions at ConExpo

By Catrin Jones01 February 2023

Trackunit, a global construction-focused IoT platform, is set to showcase two major new solutions at ConExpo 2023.

David Swan, SVP Products, Trackunit (Photo: Trackunit)

The company says that it will introduce a set of site-focused features and capabilities to drive efficiencies in the construction industry to the next level by allowing users to leverage live machine data with connectivity to build their site-based business processes.

In addition to these new site-based capabilities, Trackunit says that fleet owners will have enhanced visibility by removing blind spots on job sites, inside buildings, storage containers, and tool depots alongside a new CO2 reporting solution.

Where job-site coverage needs to be enhanced, Trackunit’s new gateway device will provide continuous Bluetooth connectivity throughout the life of the job site. The gateway device enables visibility to approximate indoor location for Trackunit Kin tracked assets and third-party Bluetooth tags while creating a more robust Bluetooth network on the job site.

“With our new metadata and pinning capabilities, we can now set up a site to enable tracking in vertical spaces, assigning floor numbers to our Gateway nodes,” said Dave Swan, senior vice president of products.

“This is transformational for customers because they can now use the platform to see on which floor a tool is, minimizing downtime.”

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